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Ryan Standish

Ryan Standish – MTN Biking

Favorite OB Beer and why?

All of them? I’m still working through trying them all out, but I love the Mutant X IPA. I wouldn’t call myself a beer connoisseur by any means, but this beer is citrusy goodness and the hops aren’t overpowering. I also enjoy the Oskar’s Lager as a perfect refresher for tailgating after a long day in the mountains; it’s light and easy to drink, and having a few doesn’t knock you on your ass. 

Mutant X


Who do you look up to? Who are your heroes?

Ooh, this one’s tough. I wouldn’t say I’m much of a heroes guy, but both my Mum and Dad have been huge influences in my life especially as I’ve gotten older. Through my Dad’s progressive Multiple Sclerosis and his positivity towards life, and Mum being the cornerstone of the family keeping everyone in line(ish), I realize how lucky I’ve been. 


You have a whole day off. What are you doing?

Usually I’m pretty zonked from a solid week of training, and unfortunately the free time goes towards emails and working on Rocket Sloth (my merch company working to raise awareness for MS). That said, if I have time for it, I love getting out in the mountains, whether it’s getting up to a high-country lake in the summer or getting out on the skis in the winter and probably bringing a few beers along 😉  


If you weren’t biking, what do you think you’d be doing?

Probably something in engineering. I went to school for Exercise Physiology thinking I’d go into Physical Therapy, but I think combining engineering and biomechanics would be a really cool career. Maybe when I’m done racing bikes… 


Tell us about the jorts. What’s up with those?

We used to do collegiate races in old cut off jean shorts which was a ton of fun, both on the mountain bike and racing on the road. In 2021 I decided to race in a set of Handup jorts at a World Cup Short Track, dubbed the “Jort Track,” and it was an instant hit! Since then, I’ve done more big races in them and always laugh to myself at how much people love it – I get called out if I’m not wearing them haha


Where did your passion for biking come from?

I always wanted to race BMX and Motocross when I was younger but my parents thought they were too dangerous, so mountain biking was the next best thing. I remember my dad taking me out on the local trails in Alice Springs, Australia, and then finding out there were actually races and other people in town who did it. For me, the bike is a gateway to freedom and to get out of the regular hustle and bustle of life while pushing my body to its limit. Riding has brought me close to so many other people who love it for the same reason, and it’s an awesome community to be a part of! 


Tell us about your passion for raising awareness of MS. Where did that come from and what do you like to do to promote awareness?

My dad was diagnosed with MS about ten years ago. Early on it didn’t seem like a big deal (to me at least) but as the disease progressed, he slowly lost the use of his legs, landing him in a wheelchair and unable to do a lot of the outdoor things he’d brought us up doing. I decided to start participating in the Utah Bike MS event in 2019 to raise money for the National MS Society who use the funds for research and support of those affected by MS. With the support of some sponsors, we’ve been able to do auctions and giveaways each year since then to continue raising money. Along with the fundraiser, I started a little company earlier this year called Rocket Sloth Co and donate a portion of the proceeds. The Rocket Sloth was kind of how I saw my dad – slowing down with the effects of MS (the sloth) and continuing his career in aerospace (the rocket), while incorporating my outlook on life of going fast and being chill.

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