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September 26 2019

North Austin Game Night

Welcome games Old Lefty’s Rubbin’ ‘n’ Racin’, Iron, Ukno, Baby Hands: Daycare, Walkabout Golf, Dapper Dashery, Roguecraft Squadron, and Super Powered Battle Friends! Ryan Barrett is bringing out Smash Ultimate on the Switch, Daniel Reese is bringing out Gang Beasts, and Bryan Chamberlin is bringing Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Looking forward to seeing you all! Open to all ages and free!

RogueCraft Squadron is gearing up for a content update. Everyone who has checked out the game during past NAGNs have been so positive and supportive that they wanted to offer an opportunity for you to check out the update before they release it publicly. To get your copy of RogueCraft Squadron, fill out this google form and they’ll send you a build when it’s ready! (Look for an email next week.)
Bonus: Leave us a review and they’ll send you some freebies! Details will be on the form.

Iron is a 1-4 player collaborative story-telling action adventure game in which players fight enemies, solve puzzles, and explore an open world together.

UKNO is a fast pace, cut-throat card match game. Please consider providing feedback to the developer, as they are releasing the game publicly as a beta.

Baby Hands Daycare: Castle and Soccer will be joining us with 4 VR headsets running 2v2 games of Soccer and casual 2v2 deathmatch in the Castle.

Walkabout Golf is a new AR/VR game by Mighty Coconut

Old Lefty’s Rubbin’ ‘n’ Racin’ by Kyle Renfield – A 2-4 player simple racing game where the cars always go and there is only one button, which makes you turn left! Race other players to the finish in this quick, funny, and enjoyable game that anyone can just pick up and play.

RogueCraft Squadron by Missing Sentinel Software – A fast paced real-time strategy space adventure with roguelike elements. Play as a squadron commander fighting against a hostile alien race; collecting resources, researching new ships and building an armada as you fight to survive against overwhelming odds.

Super Powered Battle Friends by Cache Grab Studios – Super Powered Battle Friends is a 2D indie platform fighter featuring Local and Online Multiplayer! Smash your opponents off the stage and send them flying to their graves!

Dapper Dashery my Marc Huet – A Vaudeville (and penguin) themed 4 player competitive game.

Ad Background Photo Credit : Nik Shuliahin

Austin Taproom

10420 Metric Boulevard Ste 150 Austin, TX 78758


7:00 PM - 9:30 PM CST


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