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July 25 2019

North Austin Game Night

Game Night is on and it’s summer in Texas! Welcome locally developed games Blood Nor Water, Blazer League, Outpost Delta, Old Lefty’s Rubbin’ ‘n’ Racin’, Dapper Dashery and Renegade: Crabtastrophe! Of the AAA flavor, Ryan Barrett is bringing out Smash Ultimate on the Switch and Juan Moreno is bringing out Mortal Kombat 11 on PS4. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Blood Nor Water is a narratively driven strategy game focusing on a small band of soldiers trying to find their place in a war that is bigger than themselves.

Blazer League by Chicken Waffle – Compete for the Blazer League championship, and climb the leader-board to victory! Blazer League is a fast-paced deathmatch battle arena, staged in virtual reality. Players throw their glowing disc to teleport around the arena and frag other players. Recently shown at AWE Conference where Chicken Waffle won the Auggie award for best VR in show. Chicken Waffle is also bringing out the Quest and Valve Index controllers.

Outpost Delta by Hidden Achievement – Single player, 2-D side-scrolling sci-fi shooter for PC. Take on the role of Delta, the outpost’s emergency defense, along with her AI companion, Joule, as you defend the outpost against alien intruders called the “Klaath.”

Old Lefty’s Rubbin’ ‘n’ Racin’ by Kyle Renfield – A 2-4 player simple racing game where the cars always go and there is only one button, which makes you turn left! Race other players to the finish in this quick, funny, and enjoyable game that anyone can just pick up and play.

Renegade: Crabtastrophe! by Binari Studios – Play as a Federation defector hiding out on an abandoned space station.
Homesteading among the stars comes with a unique set of challenges: Zero gravity, limited water and… a deadly space crab infestation in the air ducts!
Don’t worry, your trusty A.I. Dallas will guide you through it.
Climb, jet, and shoot your way to self-sufficiency in the unforgiving
vacuum of space in…

RogueCraft Squadron by Missing Sentinel Software – A fast paced real-time strategy space adventure with roguelike elements. Play as a squadron commander fighting against a hostile alien race; collecting resources, researching new ships and building an armada as you fight to survive against overwhelming odds.

Super Powered Battle Friends by Cache Grab Studios – Super Powered Battle Friends is a 2D indie platform fighter featuring Local and Online Multiplayer! Smash your opponents off the stage and send them flying to their graves!

Dapper Dashery my Marc Huet – A Vaudeville (and penguin) themed 4 player competitive game.

Ad Background Photo Credit : Marion Michele

Austin Taproom

10420 Metric Boulevard Ste 150 Austin, TX 78758


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM CST


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