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March 28 2019

North Austin Game Night

Join us in inviting game night newcomers Project:Timeless, Renegade VR, and Rocksprout Village! Welcome back returning favorites Old Lefty’s Rubbin’ ‘n’ Racin’, Baby Hands, and Roguecraft Squadron. Play multiplayer games Smash Ultimate (Ryan Barrett), Dragon Ball Z Fighter (Bryan Chamberlin), and Retro Classics (Daniel Reese).

What a busy month of march, with SXSW, GDC and PAX East! Let’s chill out and unwind together over some fun games and good conversation.

Project: Timeless by Lunar Mare Studios is an action-driven, time-travelling Metroidvania that is visually inspired by classic anime titles of the late 80’s – early 00’s.
Patreon :

In Renegade VR by Binari Studios play as a Federation defector living in hiding on a vacant space station. Demo includes zero-G movement, climbing mechanics, manipulating objects, and shooting at crab aliens.
Gameplay :

Rocksprout Village, from the creators of The Last Panderling 2, is a cute, full-length action-RPG inspired by Secret of Mana and Legend of Zelda currently in development. Experience personal stories with the individual villagers, getting to know them, making friends and helping them deal with their Cute Animal Problems.

Lefty’s Rubbin’ ‘n’ Racin’ is a 2-4 player simple racing game where the cars always go and there is only one button, which makes you turn left! Race other players to the finish in this quick, funny, and enjoyable game that anyone can just pick up and play.

In Baby Hands by Chicken Waffle experience the world through the eyes, ears and chubby little hands of a baby! Crawl your way through a zany retro sandbox experience, filled with imagination and fun! Baby Hands is a funny, family friendly VR baby simulator!

In Roguecraft Squadron by Missing Sentinel Software you wake up from cryostasis to find yourself adrift on the other side of the galaxy. Things have changed, and now you have to fight to get back home. Death is not the end in this RogueLike / Real Time Strategy experience.

Advertisement background – photo credit : Anisur Rahman

Austin Taproom

10420 Metric Boulevard Ste 150 Austin, TX 78758


7:00 PM - 9:30 PM CST


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