la sportiva trail run relay

Take turns with your friends running a beautiful and challenging 5K trail loop. Run as a ‘duo’ or on a team of 4. There’s even a ‘Beer Relay’ category for those who’d like to make things a bit interesting. The team with the most laps in the shortest time wins!

The Course

The course will be approximately 5 km of trails, open fields, and steep mountain singletrack. It’s a beautiful loop with an amazing views of Long’s Peak. There will be an on-course aid station equipped with energy bars and hydration.


Categories / Prizes

Duo Male team
Duo Female team
Duo Coed team
Duo Beer Relay (any gender)
4-person Male team
4-person Female team
4-person Coed team
4-person Beer Relay (any genders)
The top team in each category wins prizes from Oskar Blues and La Sportiva shoes!

Fees And What You Get

What you pay:

$39 / person until 4/15/17
$45 / person until 5/28/16
$55/ person during race week
$60 / person on race day
BEER Relay entries are $5 more per person

What you get:

4 hours of fun with your friends
RUBBLEBUCKET concert and entry in Outdoor Games.
Custom t-Shirt
A beer before each lap if you’re in a Beer Relay category
Free photos
Race nutrition and hydration
Celebratory Oskar Blues beer or Soda

Rules & FAQ

  • Run as many laps as possible within 4 hours.
  • The team with the most laps in the shortest time wins.
  • Only 1 runner from a team is allowed on course at one time.
  • Runners in the Beer Relay categories must drink a beer before each lap. Beer can must be proven to be empty before starting lap.
  • Timing will be fully automated with each team equipped with an RFID chip.
  • Each team will have one baton that will be transferred from the finishing lap runner to the next runner.
  • staff has the authority to run a sobriety/balance check on any participant if there is reason to believe the participant could cause harm to themselves from over-intoxication.

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