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Hop Harvest in full swing!

Hey y’all wanted to update you on the farm. We are about half done harvesting hops and it is going great. Thanks to our friends at Hop Acres in Fort Collins we are using a Wolf Picker this year to harvest our cones. Our brewers have been using fresh green hops the day we harvest […]

Strung’n Done!

We have all the hops stung up for 2013! What a project, as the third year of production is now in full swing we have set and trained over 5300 Hop bines (2660 strings x 2+ Bines /string = 5320). Those late April and early May snows really gave the plants a boost of moisture […]

1st year SLEEPS, 2nd year CREEPS, 3rd year LEAPS!

Spring at the farm is off to a great start, all the recent moisture has really pushed the hops into high gear. It is also great for the pastures creating rich green grass the cows love. The hops are on their third year and we are looking forward to focusing on cone production. The past […]

Hops & Heifers Farm February 2013 Update

What a great year for The Hops and Heifers Farm!  We provided our all natural beef and Pork to over 50 beer dinners in 9 different states across the US. With new packaging, innovative collaborations and a retail whole-cone hop program for 2013 we are looking forward to a great year. We saw the introduction […]

Hops and Heifers Farm is FALLin’ into Winter

Howdy Y'all! What a great time of the year down here at Hops and Heifers Farm! Leaves are a changin' colors, chill is in the air, hops are put to bed and the cows are developing their fur coats for winter.  We have had a great time on the farm this past fall. Some highlights […]

Fresh Hops Galore! Hops & Heifers Farm Update

It has been a great summer at the farm, though very dry. However, with the few storms we had the reservoirs in the mountains kept our ditch water flowing.  We were able to update many of the old irrigation ditches at the farm increasing our flood irrigation efficiency.  Flood irrigation as opposed to overhead sprinkles […]

High above the HOPS and Heifers!

Greetings from the Hops and Heifers Farm! Its been a while, so I wanted to pass on a quick farm update. We have been undergoing some major infrastructural upgrades at the the farm to improve our sustainability and increase efficiency. Our upgrades include many improvements to the buildings, irrigation water distribution, animal feed handling and […]

Springing into 2012!!!

Spring is in the air at Hops and Heifers Farm, can YOU feel it? We CAN! Although it is the middle of winter, the sun has been shining, allowing us to get many projects completed to make 2012 one Fuh-Can good time down on the farm. All 2500 hop plants are nestled in their beds […]

Getcha Hops and Heifers Burger and Brew at Eldora!

Eldora Mt Resort has partnered up with the Oskar Blues Hops and Heifers Farm, offering you an honest to goodness, straight up H-and-H mogul-busting burger, a bag-o chips, and your choice of a Dale’s Pale Ale, Mama’s Little Yella Pils or Old Chub, all for just $11.75. Come by Timbers Lodge for this slope-side deal […]

Hops Heifers and HOGS!

Hops and Heifers introduces our new Berkshire Pork program! In an effort to continually utilize the Farm to increase the overall Oskar Blues sustainable system, we have integrated Berkshire pigs onto the Hops and Heifers farm. The Berkshire breed dates back over 300 years to the swine heard of Windsor. From royalty to emperors, Berkshire […]

NCBA Visits Hops and Heifers farm

Oskar Blues and Hops and Heifers was proud to host the National Cattleman’s Beef Association’s NCBA annual meeting. With the increase in small all natural beef producing farms, the marketing group that goes behind promoting the countries #1 source of protein spent the day with us. We greeted the group with the new Oskar Blues […]