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Oskar Blues

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Welcome to the CANspiracy…

June 6, 2017

You. Hey, you. Pssst… get over here.

There’s a CANspiracy going down. You want in? If so, read on.


What’s the CANspiracy?

Each member (the CANspirator) will getcher hands on four separate OB CANspiracy rarer-est of rare Oskar Blues Brewery canned beer releases.  These may be delivered in 19.2 oz cans, 32 or 25 oz. Crowler Cans, 12 oz cans, and/or direct 10 second tap pours to your mouth (no glass, all class).  It will ALL be canned packages you can ONLY receive if you are a member of the OB CANspiracy.

Barrel-aged beers? Yup.

Sours? Maybe

Passing moments of brewer inspiration? Uh-huh.

OB CANspiracy Benefits

  • At least 100 oz of delicious, canned, CANspiracy-specific brews.

  • CANspiracy “card”

  • Limited edition glassware

  • Special release events for CANspirators (you are allowed to bring one guest.. It doesn’t have to be your co-CANspirator… husband, wife, partner, friend, dog, cat, perfect strangers are also allowed)

  • 15% discount on all Oskar Blues merchandise purchases in the Longmont or  Brevard Tasty Weasel.

  • Priority for beer releases at either Tasty Weasel taproom – including bourbon barrel-aged Ten FIDY, Java bourbon barrel-aged Ten FIDY, rum barrel-aged Death By Coconut, etc. The process for this will be communicated at a later date.

How much is this gonna cost me?

$200 for four releases of CANspiracy-specific beers and the above benefits.

What are the beers I get?

We’re diggin’ through our barrels, writing new recipes, and consulting the star charts to choose the best brews to present to ya for this program. We haven’t settled on the exact ones yet, but part of gettin’ in on this CANspiracy is gonna take a little trust. Ya know?

Release Notification Process

There is not a set timetable for each release throughout the year. Shit’s gonna go down when shit goes down. The timing of these releases is dependent on when the beers are ready to roll, but we’ll give you a two week heads up via email for the opening of the release window.

Pickup Rules

*** Must present a valid government ID at each pickup to confirm CANspiracy membership.

We’ll be hosting “club only” special release day events (food, meet the brewers, lick inside the barrel, etc) to kick off the pickup period. During the first day release event CANspirators MAY be able to purchase additional beer depending on the release. This ability will be communicated for each release. 

These awesome sauces will be available from The Tasty Weasel taproom in ColoRADo or North Carolina. (Unfortunately we cannot run the program from our Austin, Texas brewery due to current state laws). You must designate one location only to pickup each release. You cannot switch locations. 

Each release will be available for pickup for two weeks during normal Tasty Weasel business hours.  Any releases not picked up during this time period will be forfeited to OB. Additional purchases of CANspiracy beers (if possible) will only happen on day one of the release window during the “club only” release event. 

The Co-CANspirator

We legally cannot ship beers BUT…members CAN assign a “co-CANspirator”. A co-CANspirator is a person that members trust to pickup their beers.  Please choose this person carefully, as they may steal yer shit and we do not offer refunds on membership.

One Co-CANspirators is allowed to pickup a maximum of TWO different members’ orders per release. So, again, choose your person carefully.  No mules. 

*** You or your co-CANspirator must present a valid government ID at each pickup to confirm CANspiracy membership.


Meet us in the parking garage at 3am or just email

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