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Ten FIDY Imperial Stout

August 16, 2018

In a galaxy not-so-far away (the Oskar Blues brewery) brewers discovered a mathematical curiosity – a beer darker than dark – so dark that it sucked up massive amounts of flavor and allowed no light to penetrate its malty opaqueness – Ten FIDY Imperial Stout.

A black hole of burly malt flavor, Ten FIDY is made from immense amounts of big, dark malts including rich caramel malt, flavorful Munich malts and fluffy oats resulting in a giant, viscous, cosmic beer entity. FIDY gravitates toward flavors of chocolate-covered caramel, espresso, black licorice and plum. A phenomenon that’s been described as “Beer, only better and darker,” FIDY is as supermassive as ever this fall. What do you pair with a black hole? Think yourself up a special occasion (or not) and pair with ice cream, pot brownies, brownie brownies, or a nice cigar.
In order to better understand Ten FIDY, we caught up with the beer’s leading expert, Randy Bayless. Randy replied to a job posting for Oskar Blues on Craigslist in 2010; and now works in Brevard, NC. He has consumed Ten FIDY regularly for the past 8 years, and consequently omits a powerful dark magic.

Q&A With Randy
If FIDY wore clothes, what would it wear?
Obviously FIDY would be wearing any of the outfits worn by Val Kilmer in his portrayal of Doc Holiday from “Tombstone.” Dark, smooth and bitter. I guess that’s more of a who would FIDY be, but f*ck it, the analogy works.

If FIDY had a tinder profile, what would its bio say?
“I ain’t here for a long time, I’m here for a good time.” – George Strait

What does FIDY pair well with?
FIDY pairs well with crippling anxiety…Oh and barbecue, it pairs well with barbecue.

What are FIDY’s likes and dislikes?
FIDY likes being the best. FIDY dislikes people doubting the validity of what it likes.


Before Randy evaporated in a cloud of black smoke, he left us with the following thought:
FIDY is funny because it’s got this cult following behind it. I’ve heard so many stories at the release parties about people driving hundreds and hundreds of miles to get that fresh FIDY.
People who get it, f*cking get it. 

Explore the depths of Ten FIDY with us at one of our release events coming up on August 31. For the first time EVER, we’ll have FIDY flights – complete with both vintage FIDYs from years past and barrel-aged varieties. Check out event details here:
Longmont Taproom
Boulder Taproom
Brevard Taproom
Austin Taproom

FIDY ships nationwide soon. Look for it at a watering hole near you via the beerfinder.

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