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What to Drink in August – Small Batch Beers at Tasty Weasel Longmont

August 8, 2017

The Tasty Weasel Longmont will feature five Lyons-brewed beers in the month of August. The following will be tapped on August 11, and Lyons Head Brewer (and grower of luxurious locks) Juice Drapeau, will be there to hang and talk beer.
A Note About the Rotating Beers: Three of the brews – Bwahahaha, Interstate Smash Express, and Noice – are brewed in Lyons every month, but with subtle changes to the recipe each time. This lets Juice experiment with raw materials. “We want to create seasonal and experimental beers and make sure they’re consumed fresh,” explained Juice. “These beers are always the same ABV and style, but kept interesting with rotating raw materials that totally change the character of the beer. For me as the brewer, the uncertainty is fun – the not knowing what the outcome will be. I learn as I go and get familiar with things that are new or obscure in the raw material realm. For the beer drinker, it’s cool because they get a whole new experience with this month’s rotator than they did with last month’s.”

Bwahahaha Single Hop IPA (Rotating): Bwahaha has the same malt bill every month, but Juice switches things up with a different hop. This month’s batch has been brewed with Kazbek hops from Haas – an aroma hop from the Czech Republic that exudes spicy, lemony, super dank goodness. “We used A LOT of hops so that the beer was overwhelmed with that hop characteristic, in a really good way,” said Juice.
Interstate Smash Express SMaSH IPA (Rotating): SMaSH stands for “single malt and single hop.” “Named after our local rock legends [Interstate Stash Express] we brew it with a different malt and different hop each month,” explained Juice. This month, he used Simpson’s Golden Promise malt and Simcoe hops. Simcoe is known for strong citrus, pine, earthy, and some berry characteristics. “An OG craft beer hop that kind of went away and now people are remembering how great it is,” described Juice. Lyons uses a first wort hop addition and then a second whirpool addition, with no hops used during the kettle boil. This beer has a hop and protein haze, but is not overly cloudy.
Noice Farmhouse Ale (Rotating): Noice is new to the rotation – a hoppy farmhouse style ale. The flavor comes from the d’Achouffe Belgian yeast, which has fruit and clove characteristics, along with Loral, Galaxy, and Southern Passion hops. “It’s about creating a balance between yeast and hops in this beer,” said Juice.
One Nut Brown (It’s a Classic): A malty, nutty, chocolatey brown English Ale that’s damn drinkable. “This is a good ol’ Lyons faithful recipe,” laughed Juice. “It’s a local favorite, so we make sure the Lyons restaurant has it on hand for the regulars.”
Osktoberfest (Seasonal): This marks the third year in a row that Osktoberfest has been brewed in Lyons. It features Old World Pilsner malt, Barke, Vienna, and Munich malts by Wyermann. It will be out and available just in time for fallish Oktoberfestivities.
On deck are the following beers, set to be featured at the Longmont Tasty Weasel in September: Interstate Smash Express, Bwahahaha, a kolsch, a session IPA featuring Comet hops, and an apricot wheat made with all Colorado ingredients. Check back for more details on these upcoming small batch brews.

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