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Steep Coast Mountain IPA Series Blasts Off With Strata Hops

April 19, 2019

East Coast versus West Coast – it’s the age-old rivalry. On the Atlantic side, polo-shirted East Coasters are famously brusque, they’re serious about bagels, lobsters and pizza; and they can claim some pretty weird/cool historical stuff (witch trials, anyone?). Head over to the Pacific coast and they’ve got everything from Silicon Valley techies to beach-bums, a serious coffee culture, the Redwoods, street tacos and a laid-back reputation. It’s about Biggie versus Tupac, the Statue of Liberty versus the Golden Gate Bridge, flip-flops versus boat shoes and, perhaps most importantly, West Coast IPAs versus East Coast IPAs.

Well, we’re throwing a wrench in the rivalry – there’s a new hoppy horse in the race. That’s right, we’re repping the Rockies with a high-altitude double IPA series showcasing a rotating lineup of cutting-edge hops – the Steep Coast Mountain Double IPA series. The series spotlights one varietal at a time, focusing on innovative hops added in hefty heaps (nearly six pounds of hops per barrel) to each given brew; and we’re kicking it off by spotlighting Strata hops in Steep Coast Strata DIPA.

At the first sip, Steep Coast Strata DIPA blasts off into a dank citrus stratosphere, through a far-out peach and stonefruit sky, then drifts via a passionfruit parachute back down to earth on sweet breezes. Strata, a sought-after varietal from Oregon State University’s lauded hop breeding program, is characterized by pronounced green cannabis notes.

Maine native Juice Drapeau, Head Brewer at our original Lyons, Colorado, brewery, said, “I have serious respect for hazy, juicy East Coast IPAs… and don’t tell anyone I said this, but I actually enjoy a West Coast style IPA from time to time… but there’s room in the debate for something new. Our Mountain Double IPAs spotlight each hop and elevate the flavor to new levels of taste and aroma.”

The series will exhibit a wide spectrum of hop flavors and take the IPA lover to new heights. Zappa, Southern Passion and Enigma variations will appear in the rotating Steep Coast Mountain IPA Series later this year. Choose a peak experience and find Steep Coast Strata DIPA near you via the beerfinder.

East Coast? West Coast? Neither. Stay High.

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