What to Drink in August – Small Batch Beers at Tasty Weasel Longmont


The Tasty Weasel Longmont will feature five Lyons-brewed beers in the month of August. The following will be tapped on August 11, and Lyons Head Brewer (and grower of luxurious locks) Juice Drapeau, will be there to hang and talk beer.

A Note About the Rotating Beers: Three of the brews – Bwahahaha, Interstate Smash Express, and Noice – are brewed in Lyons every month, but with subtle changes to the recipe each time. This lets Juice experiment with raw materials. “We want to create seasonal and experimental beers and make sure they’re consumed fresh,” explained Juice. “These beers are always the same ABV and style, but kept interesting with rotating raw materials that totally change the character of the beer. For me as the brewer, the uncertainty is fun – the not knowing what the outcome will be. I learn as I go and get familiar with things that are new or obscure in the raw material realm. For the beer drinker, it’s cool because they get a whole new experience with this month’s rotator than they did with last month’s.”


Hotbox Porter is BACK


Remember hanging with those guys in college who ran out of milk for their cereal and used beer instead? Beerios. It seemed like a bright idea at the time, but not that appealing once everybody sobered up. Here at Oskar Blues Brewery, we have a much better way to give beer a breakfast vibe – Hotbox Porter. Extreme levels of brunchability are reached when cold brew coffee by Hotbox Roasters meets mellow, malty porter in this Autumnal amalgamation of coffee and beer. Hotbox Porter perfectly pairs the two greatest beverages on Earth, featuring robust malts and roasty, dried-fruit coffee flavors, with a solid 6.5% ABV.


A Pint of Summer


Hey Gang, come out and join us at Oskar Blues for a fun evening of music, philanthropy, games and fun. The Oskar Blues Oak Room is a newly remodeled event space done up in fashion that you have come to expect from Oskar Blues (the right way). We have lots of music planned; Rebecca Abraxas, The Snuggles and John Beacher and Friends. What could be better than that? How about burgers, beer and a slew of nonprofits and philanthropic organizations coming together to help change the world while having a good old fashioned throw down? Topped it! Our sponsors include; special guest emcee Michelle Marie King (Ms. Colorado 2013), Y on Earth, Friends of Broomfield and the bearded wonders of The Boulder Facial Hair Club and of course us, The Community Project. This fundraising event is our kickoff event to raise money to renovate our recently acquired home base in Erie, Colorado. Oskar Blues will be selling their famous beer and burgers at the event (Yum!). Come out and help us help the people that help the people. Huzzah!

Tasty Weasel ATX


A keg is a can, is a keg, is a can, is a keg


To celebrate 15 years of the ORIGINAL craft beer in a can, Oskar Blues Brewery is launching new 16oz. Dale’s Pale Ale Draft Cans exclusively to bars and restaurants – an homage to Oskar Blues’ core belief that a keg is a can, is a keg, is a can, is a keg. Designed to combat limited draft lines, increasing draft clutter and rotation nation; the new Draft Can allows access to a fresh pint of the cult classic Dale’s Pale Ale without taking up a draft line.

As part of their continuous disregard for the status quo Oskar Blues collaborated with avant-garde illustrator McBess to create a series of three limited-release cans that embody a shared enthusiasm for the outdoors, music and craft beer.

When all three cans are aligned side by side, they create a single larger image that depicts Oskar Blues’ unlikely and irreverent journey from mountain town brewpub to craft beer pioneer. The series starts (from right to left in the image above) where it all began, Lyons, Colorado, including a depiction of the original can of Dale’s Pale Ale, it then progresses to the mountain bike haven of Western North Carolina, and onto the live music capital of the world in Austin, Texas.

Founder Dale Katechis gave conventional beer packaging the middle finger in 2002 when he made the industry-altering decision to put Dale’s Pale Ale in a can when no one else had the balls to do so.

“Fifteen years ago we hit the pavement getting thrown out of bars and restaurants trying to convince owners that a can of craft beer was simply a small keg. The same rings true today. Cans keep beer fresher and we’re bringing a full pint can to the bar stool,” said Dale.

Oskar Blues’ innovation and the craft-beer-in-a-can craze changed the face of the craft beer industry. If current bottle and can trends continue within craft beer, by the end of 2017, one out of every four craft beers consumed will be from a can, according to total US Food from IRI Syndicated Data. Compare this to 2014, when one out of every 12 beers consumed was from a can.

Dale’s Pale Ale was the nation’s bestselling craft can 6-pack in 2016. This year marks 15 years of canning and 20 years for the brewery brand whose beers are now sold in all 50 states, D.C. and 17 countries.

Oskar Blues Brewery

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