The Barn Burner Series – New Limited Releases Every Month


The Barn Burner Series is a monthly taproom-only event featuring small batch releases straight outta our funky hometown of Lyons, CO. The releases showcase specialty brews cooked up at our pilot brewery, located in an actual rustic AF, 100-year-old barn in the backyard of the OG Oskar Blues Grill & Brew spot. In fact, Lyons’ Head Brewer Juice Drapeau brews in the same former cow hotel where the “Original Craft Beer in a Can” was born. We’re now tapping these rare suds on the first Thursday of every month, so come hang out with us; or if you’ve got places to be, you can grab a Crowler or two and take ‘em with you wherever you’ve got a trail to blaze. Cue the pyrotechnics.

Some of these beers may look familiar – Barn Burner beers like Bwahahaha Single Hop IPA and Interstate Smash Express IPA are brewed in Lyons almost every month, but with subtle changes to the recipe, adding a new twist to these fan favorites each time they’re brewed.

“We want to create seasonal, bold, innovative beers and make sure they’re consumed fresh,” explained Juice. “These beers are always the same ABV and style, but we keep things interesting by rotating in different hops, under-utilized or little known hops, locally grown malt – that sort of stuff – to change the character of the beer and push the envelope in terms of creative flavors and aromas. For the beer drinker, it’s cool because they get a whole new experience with this month’s rotator than they did with last month’s.”

The rotator beers will be complemented by other small batch funkiness to keep your mouth-hole guessing. Join us every first Thursday of the month to turn ‘em and burn ‘em.

The Barn Burner Series events will take place at the Boulder, Longmont, and Brevard Taprooms starting March 1. Keep an eye on our Events Page for release specifics and event details.

Hotbox Coffee IPA Returns to an Oskar Blues Taproom Near You


hotbox ipa on tap

Hotbox Coffee IPA, an atypical sort of coffee beer, has returned and it’s ready to slap you in the mouth-hole with flavors of citrus, berry, and plum. Wait – I thought this was a coffee beer. Yep, when most folks think “coffee beer” their minds go to traditional roasty, chocolatey stouts infused with equally roasty, chocolatey beans BUT that’s not what we’re going for here. The flavors in the coffee team up with underlying plum notes in the malt bill, led by CaraBelge malt. Together they give the citrus flavors of Simcoe hops a boost straight up over your tongue and down the hatch in a perfectly balanced brew.

When you think about it, coffee and beer have a long history of working well together. Consider one of those nights (maybe it was last night) when you drank beer all night, slept in the parking lot at work, and then transitioned immediately to strong cups of coffee so you could appear to be a functioning human in front of your co-workers. Beer and coffee are our everyday heroes, and in Hotbox Coffee IPA, they strike a perfect balance.

“Coffee is traditionally added to dark beers because the malt pushes the same roasty flavor agenda,” explained Head of Brewing Operations Tim Matthews. “In contrast, the hops and coffee combo in a pale beer is more challenging to perceive because (more…)

New Packaging in 2018


We’re kicking 2018 straight in the aesthetics with bold new packaging for our lineup of 12-packs and 16-packs including Dale’s Pale Ale, Mama’s Little Yella Pils, Beerito Amber Lager, Pinner Throwback IPA, Old Chub Scotch Ale and CANundrum mixed 12-packs. The fresh, loud update speaks to the adventurous spirit of our flagship brew, the Original Craft Beer in a Can, Dale’s Pale Ale.

The biggest change is to Mama’s Little Yella Pils, which first rolled off the can line in 2009 and is the #2 selling beer in our line-up. It’s now available as a 16-pack; and the can itself has had a facelift to highlight the bright, bold gold color of a classic lager and draw attention to the style, loudly stating PILS in the middle of the badge. No fine lines here. In addition to the updated 12oz can and the new 16-pack, Mama’s will also return with a 19.2oz single-serve “Stovepipe” can in 2018. (more…)

New Year’s Eve With the OBB Crew


Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, night and indoor

We caught up with a few of our peeps to talk about NYE traditions, best and worst NYE experiences ever, and, of course, what they’ll be drinking when the ball drops. Turns out that Hoppin’ John (read on to find out wtf that is) is non-negotiable, good tunes are crucial and Y2K was either “totally off the chain” or really, really, lame. Check it out:


Paul Bracewell – Merch Pusherman and White Squirrel Superfan in Brevard, NC

Got any NYE traditions? You’ve got to have your black-eyed peas and greens with cornbread and Hoppin’ John the next day. No way around that.

Note: Apparently Hoppin’ John is a Southern dish made with black-eyed peas and smoked pork served with rice which has mystical good luck juju when consumed on New Year’s Day.

What was your best NYE ever? Oh man, am I supposed to remember any of those? Ok, first one that comes to mind is NYE 1999, hell yeah – no Facebook, no smartphone, Prince playing all damn day, epic Charleston college party, computers were supposed to fail, someone shut the breaker down right as the ball dropped… (more…)

Holiday Taproom Hours


A visit to the Tasty Weasel is a not-so-scientifically proven way to relieve seasonal family tensions, cases of Hyperfestivity & eggnog-related frustrations. Not enough nuts in the fruitcake? You’re guaranteed to find a nut or two in the taproom. See ya during our adjusted holiday hours:
Longmont, CO
12/24: Closing Early, 12/25: Closed, 12/31: Closing Early, 1/1: Late Open
Brevard, NC
12/24: 12-5pm, 12/25: Closed, 12/31: 11-3pm & 7pm-2am, 1/1: Regular Hours
Austin, TX
12/24: 12-4pm, 12/25: Closed, 12/31: Regular Hours, 1/1: Late Open
 Are your earholes craving something besides Christmas music? We’ve got tunes going down Thursday, 12/21, through Saturday, 12/23. Check out the schedule here.

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