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Oskar Blues Partners with Keep Tahoe Blue

June 19, 2018

That moment when you get to the summit of a mountain trail and crack a can o’ Dale’s Pale Ale? We live for that kinda thing. That’s why it’s important to us to help preserve beautiful, natural places where peeps can hike, bike, ride, paddle, swim, run, and generally get their cans outside.
One of those places that inspires folks to get out and play is Lake Tahoe in Northern California. It’s the second deepest lake in the U.S. and boasts 72 beautiful miles of shoreline. The wildlife, awe-inspiring views, and opportunities for adventure draw millions of visitors to The Lake every year.
Keep Tahoe Blue is a nonprofit organization that works to combat pollution, tackle invasive species, promote restoration, and protect the shoreline of Lake Tahoe; and we’re proud to partner with them over the next 18 months. Our distributor partners* in Northern California and Northern Nevada will donate $1 per case of beer sold to KTB during the month of July, and we’ll match those dollas up to $15,000. We’ll also donate beers to thirsty, of-age volunteers working clean-up events.
“Working to preserve Lake Tahoe makes sense to us because it’s a rad place to have an adventure with a can of craft beer in your hand,” said Oskar Blues Brewery Marketing Director Chad Melis. “We started using infinitely recyclable cans back in 2002 because sustainable packaging is an important part of keeping rugged natural spots like Lake Tahoe around. That way, the next generation will have a chance to hike, bike, swim, paddle, and drink beer at these places just like we love to do.”
So if you live in Northern California or Northern Nevada and want to contribute to KTB while putting some delicious beer in your mouth-hole, get sum in the month of July and $2 from every case you buy will go toward conservation efforts. Use the beer finder to pin it down.
The next clean-up event taking place is July 5 starting at 8:30am. Interested folks can RSVP or donate here.
*Participating Distributors: Saccani Distributing, Breakthru Beverage, Humboldt Beer Distributors, Morris Distributing, Valley Wide Beverage, DBI Stockton, DBI San Mateo, DBI San Jose, and Elyxir Distributing

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