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New Year’s Eve With the OBB Crew

December 29, 2017

We caught up with a few of our peeps to talk about NYE traditions, best and worst NYE experiences ever, and, of course, what they’ll be drinking when the ball drops. Turns out that Hoppin’ John (read on to find out wtf that is) is non-negotiable, good tunes are crucial and Y2K was either “totally off the chain” or really, really, lame. Check it out:

Paul Bracewell – Merch Pusherman and White Squirrel Superfan in Brevard, NC
Got any NYE traditions? You’ve got to have your black-eyed peas and greens with cornbread and Hoppin’ John the next day. No way around that.
Note: Apparently Hoppin’ John is a Southern dish made with black-eyed peas and smoked pork served with rice which has mystical good luck juju when consumed on New Year’s Day.
What was your best NYE ever? Oh man, am I supposed to remember any of those? Ok, first one that comes to mind is NYE 1999, hell yeah – no Facebook, no smartphone, Prince playing all damn day, epic Charleston college party, computers were supposed to fail, someone shut the breaker down right as the ball dropped…
New Year’s Day 2000…not so great, epic hangover, expired tags and ended up with a speeding ticket.
Beverage of choice for NYE: I like it all but I’ve always enjoyed a good gin and tonic… howzabout a pineapple Pinner gin and tonic. (I haven’t tried this, but it sounds good, don’t it?)
Plus you gotta have an Old Chub paired with that Hoppin’ John dish.
Note: If you try Paul’s pineapple Pinner gin & tonic idea, please post a pic and a review and tag @oskarblues somewhere on social. We’d love to know how that off-the-cuff idea turns out. We’ll even reward your ballsy-ness with some merch.

Juice Drapeau – Head Brewer at Lyons, CO Pilot Brewery
Best NYE Ever: I usually try to attend a cool concert if possible. My best NYE ever was attending Phish’s NYE camping festival in the Everglades, FL 1999-2000. It was a 2-day Fest with approximately 100,000 people. They came out just before midnight and played a 7+ hour set of music which took us on a musical journey up to the sunrise on Jan 1.
Another f*cking note: If you ever run into Juice, please ask him for details of this night. Dude’s mind was blown and he’ll run ya through the entire set list. Get ready for a long conversation about some hippy shit.
Beverage of choice for NYE: Always Champagne! I mean come on, it’s NYE. It doesn’t need to be expensive, it’s all about getting that smiling, floating, happy buzz. Also if I’m home or at a party I’ll bust out some of my many high-end archived beers that I have in my amazingly extensive and thoughtful aged beer cellar [winking face emoji – Juice is kidding about the fancy cellar – he’s not that douche-y]

Janie Ziebell – Tasting Room Manager at the Tasty Weasel Austin
Worst NYE Ever: My worst was Y2K, waiting for nothing to happen because my boyfriend’s family was scared the world would end. What a disappointment…we didn’t even party like it was 1999.
Traditions? I don’t have any NYE traditions, I need to start some. I need ideas! I do eat black eyed peas and cabbage for good luck on January 1. [Hoppin’ John again, folks]
Beverage of Choice for NYE: This year, because I’ll be working, I’ll enjoy a shift shot of Ten Fidy to celebrate the New Year – gotta keep it reigned in! Another favorite for celebrations is a creation from one of my bartenders – “Colorado Car Bomb.” Drop a 4 oz of Ten Fidy in half can of Cream Soda. Share a soda with someone and get a good sugar high along with your Fidy.

NYE 2018 Happenin’s
Now that you’ve gotten to know our crew a little bit, stop by one of our NYE events and ask Janie about her weird past boyfriends, relive the best night of Juice’s life with a play-by-play of that 1999 Phish show, or karaoke Prince’s Greatest Hits with Paul… or just grab a beer and hang out with us.

Taproom Events
Brevard, NC – 6th Annual NYE Hootenanny
Austin, TX – Try dat ColoRADo Car Bomb with Janie at the Tasty Weasel Austin

Fooderies Events
Homemade Liquids & Solids, Longmont, CO – NOLA NYE Bash
Black Buzzard, Denver, CO – live music by Drop Logik on Market Street with NO COVER
Oskar Blues Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, CO – Mark’s Midnight Carnival Show with NO COVER
Cyclhops Bike CANtina, Longmont, CO – NYE Masquerade Party
CHUBurger, Longmont, CO – NYE with Geeks Who Drink Trivia
Oskar Blues Grill & Brew, Lyons, CO – live music by Arthur Lee Land
CHUBurger RiNo, Denver, CO – New Year’s Day Brunch

Cheers to 2018!

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