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Hotbox Coffee IPA: an Uncommon Combo

June 6, 2017

Who are we kidding, beer (especially IPA) is BAE, and coffee is
the hottest side-action since some jerk blew the whistle on Ashley Madison; so
it’s only natural we brought the two together in our latest limited release,
Hotbox Coffee IPA. It’s a daring pairing where piney Simcoe hops hook up with
fruit-forward beans. The result is a delicious blend worthy of far more than a

“It seems like everybody’s out there throwing coffee into stouts
and porters without giving a lot of thought to the coffee,” said Matt Herren of
Hotbox Roasters. “Don’t get me wrong, some of those beers are pretty tasty, but
we wanted to take a different approach.” So Herren got creative and worked to
source exactly the right bean to compliment the hops used in this unconventional
brew. He found the perfect beans on a family-owned farm in Ethiopia. (Fun fact:
the lady Matt sourced these beans from is a well-caffeinated, feisty,
80-year-old badass)

The coffee was then sampled by Tim Matthews, Head of Brewing
Operations at OBB. Matthews said the beans offered “an array of sensory
perception. It’s about finding coffee-derived flavors that work with the hops,”
added Matthews. “The citrus zest from the coffee is very unique. It will
definitely surprise people.”

Herren explained about the match-up, “This is not another big,
syrupy, heavy beer like most people think of when they hear ‘coffee beer.’ The
fruit-forward notes and tannic, lemon rind finish compliment the Simcoe variety
of hops.”

This is not your typical coffee beer. Expect pine, citrus and
tropical mango flavors from the hops; combined with an extra helping of citrusy
goodness and hints of acai and blueberries from the coffee. Java and hop
flavors mingling together in one brew? It’s the best, and maybe the least scandalous, new
way to mix your vices.

Hotbox Coffee IPA makes its debut Friday, February 24th
with launch parties at all three Oskar Blues,
Tasty Weasel tap rooms. The nationwide rollout follows immediately
thereafter. Look for it at your favorite local joint or check back on our
BEER FINDER in a few weeks when the beers start hitting shelves.

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