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Gypsy Squid is Super Dry & Super Fly

May 24, 2019

Ask thineself – have you ever felt limited by having only two hands with which to drink beer? We have. We daydream of having eight appendages so we could octo-fist Gypsy Squid Extra Brut Pilsner, a super dry refresher featuring pilsner malt and Hallertau Blanc hops, fermented with lager yeast from Munich. The result is a champagne-crisp flavor with subtle floral and citrus characteristics – worthy of wrapping your tentacles around.

While it may seem counterintuitive that a “super dry” beverage can also be incredibly refreshing, there’s something about crisp, effervescent beer that makes it easy to suck down. The suckdownability is real with Gypsy Squid – a perfect poolside, porch-sitting, backyard-chilling, summertime brew.

So what makes it “brut?” Lyons’ Head Brewer, Juice Drapeau, explained how the brut effect is achieved: “We use an enzyme that breaks down complex sugars into simple sugars that yeast can easily feed on. As a result, the majority of the sugars are removed from the finished product, leaving a beer that’s reduced in calories, reduced in sugar, dry and crisp with a solid carbonation.”

OBB brewers use a sizeable amount of Hallertau Blanc hops, originating in Germany, which have a complex aroma, with hints of elderflower, grape and lemongrass.

“We chose Hallertau Blanc because European hops really transmit the hop flower aroma,” explained Tim Matthews, Head of Brewing Operations. “We use a lot of the hop too – any of these super dry beers need lots of hops. The hop resin actually complements the dry mouthfeel.”

When asked what type of dish to pair the beer with, Tim said, “Asian fusion – like pho, sushi or anything with Szechuan heat. The hoppy-and-dry characteristics work really well with spice. You could also pair it with anything you’d normally enjoy with white wine, like cajun food, shrimp scampi or salty cheese.”

Juice leans toward a situational pairing of Gypsy Squid with summertime occasions. “It has a relatively low ABV and nice lemony, spicy hop aromas, so it’s very appealing for warm, hot summer days.”

Feel like kraken a can of Gypsy Squid Extra Brut Pilsner? It’s now available in Oskar Blues Longmont, Boulder, and Brevard Taprooms on draft and in 6-packs of 12 oz cans, and on draft only at the Austin taproom. It’s a limited release so get your suction cups on it while you can.

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