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April 4, 2018

fugli cans
Get ready to crush some fuggin’ cans this summer – FUGLI YUZU & UGLI FRUIT IPA, a citrusy, zesty, fruited IPA, is making a comeback as our 2018 summer seasonal.
Inspired by a collaboration with Japan’s Yo-Ho Brewing, FUGLI features a cross-continental threesome of exotic fruits – all of which look better with beer googles on. True to its name, Jamaican Ugli fruit is a citrus trifecta of tangerine, grapefruit and orange; Bangladesh’s Rangpur deceptively looks like a mandarin orange, but tastes like a lime; and Japanese Yuzu is a tart, tangerine-like fruit that impersonates a lumpy lemon.
It’s what’s inside the can that counts, and these homely fruits come together beautifully in a tangy citrusgasm. A basic wheat and dextrin malt bill acts as a diving board for the hops, which make an herbal, floral Mosaic splash on the pallet.
“FUGLI is a beer-drinker’s fruited IPA,” explained Kenny Jackson, the Head Brewer at Oskar Blues’ Longmont brewery. “It’s foremost an IPA, with the complexity of the mosaic hops really coming through. Combined with the fruit infusion and a simple malt bill, this beer is balanced and drinkable.”
FUGLI YUZU & UGLI FRUIT IPA will be nationally distributed in 6-packs of 12oz cans and on draft through August. Wanna get it straight out the gate? We’re hosting FUGLI release events at all of our taprooms on April 13 starting around 4pm.
Event Deets:
Austin Taproom: Avoid seven years’ bad luck by joining our Friday the 13th Superstition party plus FUGLI release. Festivities start at 4:20pm CST with a motherfuggin’ pig roast, DJ Mahealani spinnin’ at 5pm, and Ter’ell Shahid performing at 6:30pm.
Brevard Taproom: Get fugged up with us starting at 4pm EST, with live music by Roots & Dore starting at 6pm.
Longmont Taproom: FUGLI is a staff favorite here in Longmont, so join us at 4pm to celebrate the return of this fruity fugger. Music by the Hustle Kings starts at 4:30pm MST.
Boulder Taproom: Let’s fug it out starting at 4pm MST, then stay for tunes by duo Harmony & Brad at 7:30pm.
Summer’s about to get a whole lot FUGLIer. Find FUGLI near you using the Oskar Blues beerfinder.

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