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Drink Passion Stache IPA & Give Cancer the Middle Finger

April 17, 2019

Cancer f*cking sucks. And among its suckiest forms is Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), which is considered highly aggressive and affects 2 to 3 per 100,000 adults (0.002%). StacheStrong, a New York-based nonprofit organization, gives GBM a big ol’ middle finger every day by raising funds for crucial brain cancer research.On May 3, we’ll launch a limited release brew, created in partnership with StacheStrong, at our Longmont, Colorado, taprooms. During the entire month of May (Brain Cancer Awareness Month), $1 from every pint sold of Passion Stache Double Dry-Hopped Oatmeal IPA will be donated to StacheStrong.

StacheStrong founder Colin Gerner and board member Lou McKercher met with our Head Brewer, Juice Drapeau, at the original Lyons Brew Barn to make Passion Stache IPA – a Double Dry-Hopped Oatmeal IPA heavily hopped with a primo blend of Cashmere, Southern Passion and Hallertau Blanc hops. The hop profile’s flavors of melon, passionfruit, guava, lime and grapefruit are enhanced by the silky mouthfeel of an oatmeal-driven malt bill. Flaked oats and malted oatmeal are used in abundance, in addition to award-winning Genie Pale Malt from Loveland’s craft malster, Root Shoot, and a touch of Vienna Malt.

“Oatmeal is usually reserved for dark styles, like an oatmeal stout,” said Oskar Blues Lyons Head Brewer Juice Drapeau. “So we thought it would be really fun to create an IPA with the silky, creamy mouthfeel that oatmeal provides, alongside a heavy-hitting hop profile. We’re excited to present this unusual beer for Brain Cancer Awareness month, and raise some serious funds for research.”

StacheStrong, of course, has a facial hair component inspired when founder Colin Gerner and his brother, GJ, who was diagnosed with GBM, adopted glorious mustaches in solidarity against the disease. Follicularly blessed staff members at the Taproom will grow their upper lip locks out during Brain Cancer Awareness Month and host a “Stache Off” event on May 26 to raise additional funds.

“Being in a position to not only provide hope for families and patients diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), but also to be a catalyst for change by collaborating with Oskar Blues to raise significant dollars for brain cancer research is something I’m truly passionate about,” said Gerner.

Drink Passion Stache IPA during the month of May in our Longmont taprooms and $1 per pint will benefit StacheStrong; or visit to donate.



Photos by Vilona Photography

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