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Cocktails for the Craft Beer Lover's Soul

June 6, 2017

Looking to mix things up this Valentine’s Day? Get busymaking your significant other one of these craft beer cocktails:

Baby Got HiBiscus?

This simple, fancy twist on a mimosa is perfect for Valentine’s
Day brunch. We used hibiscus simple syrup to achieve a layering effect, but you
can substitute Chambord, or a mixture of ½ hibiscus simple syrup and ½ Chambord.
We recommend garnishing with a (pesticide-free) flower petal if you really wanna be a show-off.

  • Garnish a martini glass with a sugar rim (pink sugar would
    be extra festive)

  • Add 4 oz Mama’s Little Yella Pils

  • Add 2 oz orange juice

  • Gently pour hibiscus simple syrup along the
    inside of the glass to create layering effect

Makes: 1


Ask your date to Netflix and chill with this impressive-looking
frozen margarita. We used an Oskar Blues IPA float on top to add fizz; if you can get your hands on it, Beerito Mexican Lager works great too.

  • Puree about 6 fresh strawberries, set aside

  • Blend together ice cubes, 2 oz tequila, and the
    margarita mix of your choice

  • Pour half of the frozen mixture into a large
    goblet-style glass

  • Pour strawberry puree over top of frozen mixture

  • Add the rest of the frozen mix to the glass to
    achieve a layered effect

  • Gently drop ½ oz Chambord along the inside of
    the glass (optional)

  • Top off with 2-3 oz of Oskar Blues IPA

  • Garnish with a fresh strawberry

Makes: 1

Chubby Cupid

Make this easy, chocolatey cocktail for dessert on
date-night. Nitro Old Chub makes it extra smooth; and we use locally-made Richardo’s
Decaf Coffee Liqueur by Spirit Hound Distillers in Lyons, Colorado.

  • Pour ½ oz coffee liqueur in a martini-style

  • Top glass with Nitro Old Chub

  • Garnish with whipped cream and espresso beans, and
    dust with cinnamon or espresso powder

Makes: 1

Special thanks to Nick Durecki at CYCLHOPS Bike CANtina for his
creative recipes. Nick enjoys long walks on the beach, climbing on stuff, and cultivating flowing locks of hair. Visit him and the rest of the crew at CYCLHOPS for killer food and brews.

What’s your favorite craft beer cocktail to make with OBB brews? Let us know on Twitter @oskarblues #beercocktail

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