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Have you Heard About Our Package?

June 5, 2018

We started stuffing craft beer into a can in 2002. Back then, it was uncommon for a craft brew to come in a shiny cylindrical package; and some folks straight up thought it was a dumb idea. We get that – we laughed at the idea just like everyone else before we went to Ball Corporation and found out the advantages of the can – better for the beer, better for the environment and better for the beer drinker since the beer is kept fresher and it’s more portable… then we realized it wasn’t something we should do, it was something we HAD to do.
The area in and around our hometown of Lyons, Colorado, offers some of the most rugged, git-down-and-dirty outdoor sports opportunities in the country. Dale is a running, biking, outdoorsy mutha who found a bunch more running, biking, outdoorsy muthas to work for Oskar Blues Brewery. In recent years, we’ve spread the can fever to other places where peeps love to do stuff outside – with breweries in Brevard, NC, and Austin, TX. At all three of our locations our staff takes advantage of local trails, rivers, streams, open spaces, dog parks, people parks, and everywhere in between – and consequently we have a big load o’ respect and awe over our planet. That’s why we think it makes the most sense to take your trail beers with you in a can – they’re easier to pack in and out, and they’re 100% recyclable after you crush ’em. We do it all the time, but don’t take our word for it – grab some cans and get outside.
To learn more about Earth-friendly packaging, check out this vid by our friends at Ball Corp, who’ve been our steadfast partners in leading the craft-in-a-can revolution over the past two decades. Plus, visit the blog again soon for upcoming blurbs about other sustainability efforts including topics like the use of photodegradable six-pack rings, spent grain donation, minimizing packaging, and more.

Need that liquid in yer life? Find a crushable, portable, adventure-ready, infinitely recyclable craft-beer-in-a-can at a watering hole near you with the beerfinder.

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