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Announcing New Pack-O-Bliss Mixed IPA Pack

September 1, 2020

We’re stoked to introduce a new nationally distributed IPA mixed pack with four maximum-hopped beers crammed into one Pack-O-Bliss. This blissful collection of India Pale Ales contains three distinctive beers from our Can-O-Bliss lineup of IPAs, including a brand new Can-O-Bliss Resinous variant; and heralds the long-awaited return of Pinner Session IPA. The Pack-O-Bliss IPA Mixed Pack will be available nationwide as a 12-pack of 12 oz. cans starting today. Additionally, Can-O-Bliss Resinous will be distributed nationwide on draft and in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans starting today.


Can-O-Bliss Resinous (7.2% ABV) is a new-school take on old-school American hop flavors. Pine and grapefruit hop aromas and flavors reminiscent of the West Coast IPAs of yesteryear are delivered with the amplitude and silkiness of a modern hazy IPA, resulting in a Can-O-Bliss that tastes like something completely new (a West Coast Hazy Juicy New England IPA perhaps?).



An Oskar Blues classic returns. To be blunt, beer drinkers demanded the return of Pinner Session IPA, first released in 2014. A 4.9% ABV, supremely crushable IPA with pineapple and berry hop notes, Pinner Session IPA allows for extended sipping throughout the day, or a tasty one-hit wonder. Now, it takes its righteous place within Pack-O-Bliss IPA Mixed Pack.



Double down on bliss with our Can-O-Bliss IPA Series taken to a higher level of uncommon, unfiltered, and unrestrained. This DIPA chock full of Citra hops, delivers a one-two punch of hop aroma and blissful flavors of passionfruit and citrus, balanced with a substantial malt backbone.




We introduced the Can-O-Bliss Rotating Series of IPAs (Tropical, Hazy and Citrus) in 2019 following years of die-hard devotion to all things hops. Up next in the featured rotation: Can-O-Bliss Citrus IPA. A complex, international blend of Motueka, Amarillo, Mandarina Bavaria, Citra and Experimental Hop #06277 contribute to a big, juicy, citrusy IPA experience with notes of orange, tangerine, and zesty tropical fruit.


Hopped up, blissed out. Find Pack-O-Bliss near you-

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