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A List Guaranteed to Make You Thirsty

May 31, 2019

At the Longmont taproom, we have a seriously stacked, diverse and creative limited release lineup right now. These small batch liquids, brewed at our Original Oskar Blues Brewery Lyons Pilot Brewery, disappear fast, so don’t wait!

Note: If there’s a specific beer from this list you have your eyeball on, we suggest calling the taproom you’ll be visiting ahead of time to confirm that they have it, as these taproom-only creations really do go fast!

Longmont – 303-776-1914

Glamorous Drops
(5.5% ABV) We fancied up Glabrous, meaning smooth, and Drupe, meaning single seed enclosed by a fruit wall, to give you this apricot wheat. The combination of Red and White Malted Wheat and award-winning Root Shoot Pale Genie with over 6 pounds of apricot puree per barrel provides a creamy landscape layered with apricot flavors and aromas and a smooth, slightly acidic finish. This is the perfect beer for warmer weather.

Measuring A Summer’s Day
(4.3% ABV) Named after the opening lyrics of Led Zeppelin’s song Tangerine, this apricot tangerine radler is a blend of our Glamorous Drops Apricot Wheat and house-made tangerine soda. The result delivers lemon, orange, apricot and honey-sweet flavors and aromas.

Vines And Bines
(5% ABV) This grape fermented ale combines Pilsner Malt with Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes fermented with Sac Trois Yeast which creates a vibrant pink beer with tart grape characteristics. A small addition of Southern Passion Hops helps boost this beautiful, fruity beer.

Interstate Stash Express Sabro
(6.9% ABV) A double dry-hopped, heavily Sabro-infused SMaSH (stands for “single malt and single hop”) named after our favorite local CO rock band, Interstate Stash Express. Award winning Root Shoot Pale Genie malt plays nice with a LArGE amount of Sabro. Sabro shows off with flashy notes of tangerine, lime, pineapple and coconut with hints of mint and cedar in this month’s ISE. We use a first wort hop addition, then a second whirlpool addition PLUS two dry-hoppin’s during fermentation.

Passion Stache IPA
(6.7% ABV) Brewers are no strangers to facial hair, so when we had the chance to grow some fancy ‘staches and help a great cause, we couldn’t pass it up! For Brain Cancer Awareness Month, Oskar Blues Lyons Head Brewer Juice Drapeau & Oskar Blues GM Lou McKercher came up with a collaboration beer for Stache Strong – an organization that raises funds and awareness for Brain Cancer research. This IPA uses award-winning Root Shoot Pale Genie, Flaked & Malted Oats as well as Golden Naked Oats to give a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. Cashmere, Southern Passion and Hallertau Blanc create layers of passion fruit, lemongrass, melon and green grape hop flavors and aromas. Have a couple and help us support an amazing cause!

Bwahahaha Lotus
(7.5% ABV) This DIPA uses award-winning Root Shoot Pale Genie and Dextrin malts and is heavily Hopped with Lotus Hops. This hop bomb has hop flavors and aromas of orange, vanilla, berry and tropical fruits.

Interstate Stash Express Amarillo
(6.9% ABV) A double dry-hopped, heavily Amarillo-infused SMaSH (stands for “single malt and single hop”) named after our favorite CO rock band, Interstate Stash Express. Award-winning Root Shoot Pale Genie malt plays nice with a LArGE amount of Amarillo. Amarillo shows off with flashy notes of lemon, grapefruit, pineapple, papaya and apricot in this month’s ISE. We use a first wort hop addition, then a second whirlpool addition PLUS two dry-hoppin’s during fermentation.

Nugg Nectar
(8% ABV) It’s a DIPA using all Colorado-sourced ingredients. Proximity, Troubadour and Root Shoot Malts and High Wire Hops give this beer a biscuit, honey-sweet maltiness with berry, citrus, floral, fruity and tropical hop flavors and aromas.

Use The Schwartz
(5.8% ABV) Use the Schwartz, Lone Starr! Use the Schwartz! We wanted to brew a Schwarzbier (Dark Lager) so of course we needed a reference from the movie Spaceballs. This smooth, dark lager has malty notes of biscuit, chocolate, plum, coffee, walnut and raisin. The perfect beer to keep you company in deep space.

Afturganga Maibock
(6.7% ABV) In collaboration with our Viking friends Einstök Beer Co from Iceland and Hop Heads Farm out of Michigan, we decided to put a twist on the classic Maibock style. We developed an incredible malt character with notes of biscuit and toast with honey, caramel and walnut. We added 2.5 lbs per bbl of Grügeist, a German Hop which delivered hop aromas and flavors of floral rose, chamomile, pear and lemon, then lagered it to perfection.

Black Cape Caribbean Stout
(6.4% ABV) Lager Yeast, Mosaic hops and Southern Passion hops drive the tropical aspect of this beer as well as rum-soaked coffee beans from Jamaica. The beans were donated by Miura Vineyards & Clos Pissarra. Emmanuel Kemiji from the vineyards provided insights that allowed us to brew a Caribbean Stout which showcased the coffee as well as the English influence on Caribbean Stouts.

Leche Chocolatada Mexican Stout
(6.7% ABV) This amazing recipe, developed by homebrewers Andy and Mike, creates a dark, roasty, sweet stout with an infusion of Cocoa Nibs, Ancho Chile, Saigon Cassia Cinnamon Chips and Habanero, aged on tequila spirals to give it some Mexican flair. Viva La Mexico!!

Baby Got Back
(8.9% ABV) We like Sherry Butts and we cannot lie! This Belgian Style Sour Ale was fermented, then conditioned with spontaneous wild yeast in an Oloroso Sherry Butt for 12 months. We added tart cherry puree and halved cherries and aged it for 17 more months. The result is a combination of barnyard, oak, caramel and cherry flavors and aromas.

One Mint Julep
(8.7 ABV) Celebrating last year’s Kentucky Derby, we aged our golden ale in rye whiskey barrels for a full year. To celebrate this year’s horsey race, we added Fresh Mint to blend with the spicy, smooth, oaky whiskey character to create our own version of a mint julep. Giddy up!

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