Upcoming Event - Old Man Winter Bike Rally and Run


In just a few weeks, cyclists and runners will get their chance to go up against the elements at Oskar Blues Brewery’s second annual Old Man Winter Bike Rally and Run. Taking place Sunday, February 7th in and around Lyons, CO, the event features three different options for athletes – a 50km bike ride, 100km race, and a 5.8-mile run. Riders and runners will face quintessential winter in Boulder County race terrain: snowy trails, rural gravel roads, winding canyons, and endless beautiful scenery. All the while participants will have to bear in mind, Old Man Winter, that wily character, and his mistress Mother Nature, who at any time are liable to introduce some weather-related obstacles of their own.

"We love being involved with this event. It's a perfect fit for what we're all about - riding bikes, drinking beer and enjoying the ColoRADo lifestyle," said Diana Ralston of Oskar Blues. Last year's inaugural rally brought more than 700 riders to the brewery's hometown of Lyons - this year over 1,000 participants are expected.

As an added bonus, the event raises funds for the CAN'd Aid Foundation's Treads + Trails program, which will help build new trails for Boulder County's cyclists and runners. Ralston added, "Just by doing what we already love to do, we are supporting the places we hold most dear - how sweet is that?!"

Check out additional details below on the events and after party. Ready to get down with some dirt, snow, and RAD prizes? Go to oldmanwinterrally.com to find out more about chillin’ with Old Man Winter.

Not looking to run/ride but willing to help out? You rock. Email sarah@oskarblues.com for details. CAN’d Aid gets an added donation for every volunteer that signs up so get on with your philanthropic self and join us for the fun!

Riders on the 50km bike course will travel East and South of Lyons across scenic dirt roads in rural Boulder County. This rural route is sure to offer a sense of brisk wintry adventure and camaraderie.

Cyclists looking for even more of a challenge will complete the 50km ride and continue on to climb and dive through the snowy canyons west of Boulder. The 100km ride includes nearly 5,000 feet of pavement, primitive roads and single track. There’s even the option to ride a mysterious “secret trail.” The top male and top female cyclist will ride away with $3500.

Along both courses, participants can collect “Snowflakes,” which are raffle tickets for an array of kickass prizes ranging from gift certificates at local retailers to a custom REEB bike frame valued at $2000.

New in 2016 is a 5.8-mile run starting and finishing at Sandstone Park in Lyons. Fast and flat, the single-track course through red rock canyon is surrounded by dramatic scenery.

Hot food and cold beer aplenty will await participants at the Old Man Winter after-party, held at Oskar Blues Grill and Brew in Lyons. Top athletes will be celebrated and prizes raffled off. Guests can participate in contests and get free samples from sponsors and vendors at Sandstone Park.

Details and Schtuff
Visit OldManWinterRally.com for registration, details and more!

Deviant's Back!


Oskar Blues Brewery is grabbing 2016 by the horns, gearingup to release Deviant Dale’s IPA in January – the first seasonal incarnation ofa beer that has been in the brewery’s core lineup since ­­2012. Fans of thebrew, previously accustomed to year-round availability, are eagerly awaitingthe release. “This year’s Deviant is worth the wait,” said Tim Matthews, Headof Brewing Operations. “Fans will be very pleased when they get it – it’s backto its roots.”


Those roots grew out of a happy accident. Deviant Dale’s IPAwas first created when the wrong bag of grain was used in a batch of Dale’sPale Ale. When the brewers realized the mistake, they took their blooper instride, resolving to salvage the brew. They fixed it up with a liberaldry-hopping and the result was impishly good.


This beast of a beer had serious potential, so the OBB teamtested subsequent batches on a willing group of guinea pigs – regulars at OskarBlues Grill & Brew in Lyons. “Lyons folk are gritty extremists,” laughedMatthews. They urged the brewers to make the beer more intense, bigger,hoppier, and generally more badass with each batch. The brewers complied,stirring the mash with a pitchfork over a raging fire and the screams of theeternally damned (or so one could imagine).


After years of tweaking, the 2011 version of Deviant Dale’sIPA won a silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival in theAmerican-style India Pale Ale category – widely regarded as the contest’s mostcompetitive class. The award-winning beer quickly became a year-round staple,available in a 16-ounce can. Screaming in at 8% ABV and 85 IBUs, it was a big,cloven-hoofed beer in a monster-sized can.


In recent years, Deviant Dale’s IPA evolved slightly. Thepunchy, floral Centennial hops that are a keystone of the recipe werechallenging to get due to limited supply. They’re simultaneously finicky togrow and variable in yield – basically the prima donna of hops.  DeviantDale’s remained devilishly good, maintaining an impressive Rate Beer score of90 and attracting a cult following of craft beer drinkers.


So why did OBB decide to make Deviant Dale’s IPA a seasonaloffering this year?  Brewing seasonally will allow OBB to use the qualityand quantity of Centennial hops that is expected from Deviant Dale’s IPA. “The hops for this season’s brew are insanely fresh. In fact, they werepelletized just weeks ago. We’re taking advantage of a small window [fromwhich] we can get optimal flavors,” explained Matthews. “This beer loves to befresh.”


The 2016 embodiment of Deviant Dale’s is expected to becitrusy, spicy, and dank; with less vegetable-like tones than in recent years.Floral, aromatic Centennial hops and herbal Columbus team up to slap you on thetongue. Big, bold, and revamped, Deviant Dale’s will storm onto shelves in anew 12-ounce can in January, perfect for colder months as it has, as Matthewssays, “an intense warming aspect” – the polite way of saying a taste ofsweet, sweet hellfire.


Is your New Year’s resolution to be a little more Deviant?Check the Oskar Blues Brewery BeerFinder to locate Deviant Dale’s IPA near you.




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