Six-Pack of Questions with Wildermiss


Didja know Denver-based Indie band Wildermiss is playing at the Underground Music Showcase? The quartet stopped by the Black Buzzard music venue on Market Street to crush some Mama’s Little Yella Pils, play us a secret set, and answer our six-pack of questions.

View the vid below to find out what Wildermiss had to say about the Underground Music Showcase, growing as a band in the Denver area and what type of beer they prefer. You’ll also get an intimate look at their double-chins…

Grab a can of locally-made craft beer (we’re the official beer sponsor) and see Wildermiss and hundreds of other up-and-coming local acts at the Underground Music Showcase July 27-29.


Hotbox Coffee Porter Release



Let’s face it – we can’t all be morning people; but as it turns out, sometimes great adventures like hiking, biking, fishing, and camping – and going to work early in the morning to make beer – require getting up before the sun. Folks around here have found that pain in the wee hours can be offset by reaching for fortifying liquid upon opening the orbs – morning beer. Our favorite seasonal brew for beerfast is Hotbox Coffee Porter, a roasty, malty, wake-up-call of a porter made with Hotbox Roasters coldbrew. It’s not just for breakfast though – the solid 6.5% ABV, campfire drinkability and an inclination to be paired with desserts make Hotbox Porter a beer that can hang all day.

Hotbox Coffee Porter is built on a hefty heap of malts, including seven varieties and led by Caraaroma – a nutty, red-hued malt drum-roasted from German barley. Caraaroma is a favorite of Tim Matthews, our Head of Brewing Operations. “The malt bill highlights chocolate, fig, plum, espresso, burnt sugar, caramel, and marshmallow,” said Tim. “Overall, the beer is medium-bodied and just sweet enough, with the coffee and malt flavors designed to mesh together perfectly.”

On the coffee end, the guys at Hotbox Roasters used a blend of beans from South America (Columbia, Honduras and Guatemala), roasted them to highlight flavors of tobacco, chocolate, wood and earthiness, and brewed up a super-concentrated coldbrew, which was added to the beer. Hotbox Roasters is known for their Nitro coldbrew, but Head Roaster Noe Lopez explained that the Hotbox Porter bean juice is a double-strength “still” (non-nitro) brew. “We brew two pounds of coffee to one gallon of water and then steep it for 36 hours,” said Noe. “It adds massive coffee and chocolate flavor to the beer.”

As a toast to Hotbox Porters upcoming 2018 release, we asked a few peeps around the office about their ideal morning beer situation, and what to pair with Hotbox Porter. This is what they said: (more…)

Barn Burner Series – Small Batch Beers in August


barn burner graphic

Every first Thursday of the month, limited release brews are blazin’ straight out of the Lyons, CO pilot brew barn. Stop into one of our taprooms – Boulder, Longmont, or Brevard and try something rare. Sip ’em at the bar, or grab a Crowler to go. This month’s release events are goin’ down August 2. See individual taproom facebook pages for more details.

Details on the beers:


Six-Pack of Questions With Grayson County Burn Ban


We got the chance to crack a couple cans and hang out with Austin from Grayson County Burn Ban at the Black Buzzard music venue.

We asked Austin what he likes most about the Underground Music Showcase. “Running into buddies,” he said. “UMS feels like an opportunity where you get to overlap on everyone’s separate paths- they kinda cross over so that’s always really nice.”

Our six-pack of questions covered a range of topics, including “old Texas country shit,” Queen, and session IPAs (somebody get the guy a Pinner). Check out the video below to watch Austin from Grayson County Burn Ban play an unreleased song called “Guilt Trip Blues.” Dude slays on the harmonica.

Come out and see Grayson County Burn Ban at the Underground Music Showcase on South Broadway in Denver July 27-29. If the six-pack of questions made ya thirsty for a six-pack of craft beer, find our liquids near you using the beerfinder. 


Six-Pack of Questions with One Flew West


We invited Longmont-based band One Flew West over to the Black Buzzard Music Venue to catch up with ’em before they play Denver’s upcoming Underground Music Showcase.

“The coolest thing about [the Underground Music Showcase] is watching an entire block of city shut down and come together for this thing,” said Linden Jackson, guitarist and wearer of slick button-down shirts.

One Flew West came together in 2014 and started making music characterized as “folk-influenced pop rock with punk personality.” Since then, they’ve established themselves as an up-and-coming musical force in the Denver area. Peep the video to see how One Flew West answered our super hard-hitting questions:

Come see One Flew West (and us – we’re the official beer sponsor) at the Underground Music Showcase July 27-29.

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