Can'd Aid: The "coolest shit" we're doing


Sending waters to disaffected communities, connect professional musicians to aspiring ones, building two-wheelers for little two-leggers, crushing cans from coast-to-coast.... that's the Can'd Aid Foundation fer ya and Oskar Blues Brewery owner Dale Katechis said that the work that the do-goodery arm of OB is dropping is "the coolest shit".

"The things we're doing with CAN'd Aid are the coolest shit we're doing right now... company-wide. America could use more do-goodery these days, " Katechis said during Burning Can Brevard last month. 

Can'd Aid focuses on four core areas:

TOWNS: Whether it’s digging our neighbors out of a flood or helping a local business get back on their feet after a disaster, community is at the heart and soul of the CAN’d Aid Foundation.  We respond quickly and passionately to help towns across the US. More info.

TREADS & TRAILS: Outdoor activities feed our soul. We LOVE bikes! We love running, hiking, climbing, camping and soakin’ up sunshine. If a trail needs maintenance, low-income children need a new bike to ride or there’s a program to get more people off the couch and ready to explore the outdoors – CAN’d Aid is ready to make it happen. More info.

TUNES: We believe music transforms and transcends – it’s the backbone of good times with good friends and should play a major role in our lives – so, we support programs that teach, share, inspire and make a difference through MUSIC, ARTS & CULTURE. More info. 

LOVE YUR MAMA: From our “Crush It Crusade” which helps launch grassroots recycling programs, to jumping in and helping with local cleanup efforts, CAN’d Aid is all about showing love for Mama Earth. More info. 

Gettin' Down at the BRAND NEW Vertex Music Festival


Live music? Check. Camping? Check. Cold beer? Check. Do-goodery? Check!

We're stoked to be slinging brews and the BRAND NEW three-day Vertex Musical Festival on August 5-7 in Buena Vista, ColoRADo!

A killer line-up, the great outdoors, cold Oskar Blues brews, and more highlight this first-year music event in a gorgeous setting. 

We'll be slinging Dale's Pale, Mama's Pils, Pinner IPA, OB IPA, and BEERito in can, 19.2 stovepipes and drafts ALLLLLL over the place keeping your taste buds happy while the music moves ya. 

Our friends Alabama Shakes (from our own Dale's home state!) headline a festival with dope music all over the place. 

And speaking of all over the place... our Can'd AID Foundation is going to be makin' sure that everyone is keeping the beautiful backdrop clean with their "Crush It Crusade". If that weren't enough they'll be judging the Vertex Musical Championships between a bunch of ColoRADo artists competing to be the best of the fest. 

If you haven't already.... make plans to get down to Buena Vista and this amazing first-time music festival. More info and tickets can be found at

Burnin' Rubber at Oskar Blues Brevard with JR Motorsports


Oskar Blues jams out a new collaBEERation with punk rock's Bayside


LYONS, Colo., July 14, 2016 – Bayside, who release their new album, Vacancy, on Aug. 19 via Hopeless Records, have partnered with craft-beer-in-a-can brewery Oskar Blues for a limited edition IPA, Bayside Black. 

The beer, which features a malty backbone with bright, citrusy hops, will be limited to 100 barrels and available for a pre-order bundle with the new album via Craftshack (availability restricted to participating states). The cans will also be available at Total Wine & More, as well as select venues with a special focus on stores/venues along Bayside’s tour (dates below).

“The challenges of creating a Black IPA is that when creating a recipe, one has to be very careful to balance the hop bitterness and malt bitterness,” Oskar Blues’ Head Brewer at Oskar Blues Brewery Lyons Juice Drapeau explains. “Dark malts can have astringent characteristics to them so the key is to really achieve a clean hop bitterness to compliment the potential malt bitterness. Also, another important aspect of Black IPAs is to layer a variety of crystal malts and dark malts so that the malt character in the beer has a lot of depth and complexity.”


“I’ve been a big fan of Oskar Blues for a long time and it’s amazing that we get to collaborate with them. It’s one of my favorite styles of beer and one of my favorite breweries. I can’t wait to try some!” added Bayside guitar player Jack O’Shea. 

Bayside recently shared the official music video for “Pretty Vacant”: as well as the first of a series of behind-the-scenes clips that bring fans inside the studio singer/guitar player Anthony Raneri and O’Shea. The candid clips tackle each of the album’s 11 songs, with the first video available here: 

Pre-orders for Vacancy are available now (, with digital pre-orders offering an instant download of “Enemy Lines” and “Pretty Vacant.” Physical pre-orders, vinyl, cd as well as various merch bundles can be found here:

Bayside’s North American tour kicks off on Aug. 11 in Ft. Lauderdale, with The Menzingers and Sorority Noise along as support for the five-week outing. Tickets are available now via


About Oskar Blues Brewery

Founded by Dale Katechis in 1997 in Lyons, Colo., Oskar Blues Brewery launched the craft beer-in-a-can apocalypse with hand-canned, flagship brew Dale's Pale Ale. Today, Oskar Blues is one of the fastest growing breweries in the country and operates breweries in Longmont, Colo. and Brevard, N.C., while producing 192,000 barrels in 2015. The original canned craft brewery continues push innovation with the announcement of an Austin, Tex. brewery in April of 2016 and creations like The Crowler while it distributes to 50 U.S. states, Washington, D.C., as well as parts of Canada, Sweden, Australia and the U.K.  

In 2013, Oskar Blues founded the CAN'd Aid Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity that offers grassroots grants to those making a difference in the areas of community, the environment, music, and more. In 2015 alone, CAN'd Aid partnered with 52 organizations and raised $2 million to date. CAN'd Aid's "do-goodery" efforts include: 

*    Towns - building strong communities

*    Tunes - for your eyeholes and earholes

*    Treads + Trails - get outside and get after it

*    Love Yur Mama - save the blue marble

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