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7th Flag

Brewed at our Austin, TX facility and aged in Garrison Brothers Distillery (Hye, TX) bourbon whiskey barrels, 7th Flag Imperial Porter (10.3% ABV) is a big, barrel-aged behemoth. Brewed with Two Row, Munich, and Chocolate malt, with small additions of Premium English Caramalt and Brown malt, this beer has a dark, full-bodied mouthfeel with a molasses sweet finish. Our brewers hand selected Garrison Brothers bourbon whiskey barrels from their distillery and then tucked away the beer for a full year. 7th Flag offers a slightly charred flavor with notes of warm vanilla, chocolate and cola, as well as plum, dark cherry and pie crust. Named for the 7th flag that once flew over Texas, this beer celebrates its Texan roots. This is a taproom exclusive beer, released Sunday, 3/28.

Color (SRM)

A note on IBUs from the nerds in the lab

Bitterness quantification is a vital part of the QC program at Oskar Blues, but the traditional IBU metric tells an incomplete tale. The IBU test measures the total amount of multiple chemical compounds that cause a beer to taste bitter. However, it cannot differentiate between those compounds, which occur in varying amounts and are all perceived with varying levels of bitterness intensity and duration. Increased dry hopping levels, in particular, cause dramatic shifts in perceived bitterness without changing the IBU result by much, if any. For example, Dale’s Pale Ale and the Can-O-Bliss IPA series have nearly the same IBU measurement, but Can-O-Bliss uses nearly three times the amount of hops and presents a much lower perceived bitterness.


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