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Shyanne Orvis

Favorite OB Beer and why?
My favorite beer depends on the season. Lately I’ve been loving the Hazy Blues IPA. It has such a smooth hop and is dangerously delicious.

Who do you look up to? Who are your heroes?
There’s quite a few people in the fly fishing space that have truly inspired me with their passion for the sport, incredible angling abilities and involvement in various conservation initiatives. A few of those people are Joshua Flohr-Crumpton with Spoke Hollow Outfitters, Meredith McCord, Patrick Duke, Courtney Despos, and Beckie + Steve Brown, the list is truly endless. Lucky to be surrounded by so many inspiring individuals.

You have a whole day off. What are you doing?
A day off is typically spent adventuring with my little boy, Colter, my wild dogs Papa and Hootie, and my amazing fiance Aaron DiNapoli. We love off-roading in the Bronco, finding new rivers to explore and spending quality time together.

If you weren’t fly fishing what do you think you’d be doing?
I always hoped that I would find a career in helping children in foster care systems. I hope to get to a place eventually where I could foster kids. As a child I never really felt I had a home or a consistent family. I hope that someday I can take in as many children as possible and give them the love and the home they deserve.

What is your favorite part about fly fishing?
When I’m fly fishing in the mountains, the river is this grounding and calm place to be fly fishing, yet when I fly fish in the ocean, I get this sense of adventure and thrill. I love how fly fishing can serve different purposes depending on the location and species I’m targeting.

What is the hardest part about fly fishing?
I think the hardest part about fly fishing is how much knowledge it requires depending on the species. You can be dialed as a trout angler but then it’s completely different when targeting other fish. The hope is that you’re always learning and always striving to become a more well-rounded angler. You can never really master this sport.

Where did your passion for teaching come from?
I’ve always had a passion for sharing the sports I love. I know what it feels like to not have guidance, or to feel intimidating trying something new. So it’s my hope that by teaching others I can give them the tools they need to build confidence within the sport.

What’s it like being a new mom and balancing everything going on?
Being a mother has truly been such a gift. I’ve always had a love for children, so it felt natural when I had one of my own. I was beyond excited to share this outdoorsy lifestyle with him and I can’t wait to watch him grow into a curious, adventurous little human. When things inevitably feel overwhelming as a new parent, I just remind myself to stay present, to take a deep breath and to appreciate every step of this new journey. It’s challenging but rewarding and beautiful and everything in-between.

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