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Devin Bagnoli

Devin Bagnoli – Skateboarding

Favorite OB Beer and why?

My favorite OB beer: Mamas Little Yella Pills. Always refreshing, and to me it’s the perfect beer for any occasion! Dinner, skating, chillin, pool, wherever I’m at, crackin one of those never sounds like a bad idea.


Who do you look up to? Who are your heroes?

In skateboarding, I look up to a professional skateboarder named Blake Carpenter. I love his style and skating, and he’s also from my small hometown in Florida!


You have a whole day off. What are you doing?

Whenever I have a day off, I’m usually going to the beach if the weather is good or doing something fun out in nature – stretching and physical therapy to keep my body in tune. Drawing, too.


If you weren’t skateboarding, what do you think you’d be doing?

Before skateboarding was my full-time job, I was actually a motorcycle mechanic, so maybe something in that field! I’m not too sure actually, I kinda hated that job haha. So, if I wasn’t skateboarding for work I’d probably try and pursue something with artwork; I do love drawing a lot and making cool things. 


How would you explain your sport to someone who knows nothing about it? What are the best and hardest parts?

I would explain skateboarding to a person who knows nothing about it as the best therapy you could possibly get. Best parts: all the happiness it brings me, all the amazing friends I’ve made from it, the fact if I’m ever having a bad day, I can just go roll all my problems away. Hardest parts: injuries when they happen, nothing worse than not being able to leave your house at all and being in a lot of pain. 


Do you have a favorite park or spot to skate? Why?

I don’t have a particular favorite park or spot to skate, I’ve been to so many it’s hard to choose. I would just say wherever all my friends are at having a good time, that’s my favorite place to be!


How do you overcome any fears when skating?

I think anyone in action sports gets some kind of enjoyment from the fear… like the fear from skateboarding, it reminds me I’m alive and gives me that good adrenaline rush. And rolling away from something that you were scared to try is a dang good feeling and gives me a better feeling of accomplishment than anything else in life.  If skateboarding gets too scary for you, you weren’t meant to skateboard!!

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