Video: Inauguration of GUBNA Imperial IPA

GUBNA hits cans following the news of Colorado GUBNA, Bill Ritter, Jr's nasty spill from his bicycle broke a number of his ribs and separated his shoulder.  I think we have 12oz of just what the doctor ordered.  Cheers to Beth Hendrix who won the first 4-pack & a behind-the-scenes view of GUBNA to hit cans.  Come & join us this evening at The Tasty Weasel for the FULL RELEASE party & grab chances at GUBNA swag & brew as shipments of GUBNA head out coast to coast.  To get more info on how to score swag & brew at this evening's Tasty Weasel GUBNA gathering click HERE.

Check out the Inauguration video below…
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Inauguration of the initial batch of GUBNA Imperial IPA from Chad Melis on Vimeo.