Upcoming Goings-Ons at Home Made Liquids & Solids

We’ve got some RAD events coming up at Home Made Liquids & Solids in the next few weeks. Check ‘em out!

Lagunitas Beer Dispensary at HMLS

After a little hiatus from Colorado, Lagunitas is back! From their flagship IPA & Censored Ale to their more limited beers like The Hairy Eyeball, Lil’ Sumpin’ Sumpin’ & Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale, Lagunitas beers have been a staff & crowd favorite at Homemade Liquids & Solids. With both Oskar Blues & Lagunitas making genre-bending beers, we wanted to be the folks to help Lagunitas take Colorado by storm. We’ll be featuring Lagunitas IPA on draft & our friend Ian from Lagunitas is arranging some special kegs to bee-line their way to Longmont. We don’t know what Ian has in store for us yet..could be Gnarleywine, might be Shut-Down Brown, maybe some rare Waldo Double IPA. No matter what Ian can rustle up for us, we promise it’ll be awesome! IPA will be on draft all day & we’ll begin dispensing the specialties atĀ 4:20 pm…and no, you won’t need a note from your doctor to get some of the hoppy-dankness.

Funk’n Wild Sour & Wild Beer Club

One of our favorite beer chicks, Chandra, has an addiction to sour ales, like hardcore addiction. She approached us a few months back about starting a sour club that will meet about every 3 months at Homemade Liquids & Solids. We said “go for it!” & boy did she deliver! Our first meetingĀ beings at 3 pm & will go until about 6 pm at the upstairs bar. We’ll be featuring American craft beers from FunkWerks, Russian River, Strange Brewing, Crooked Stave, & New Belgium. And here’s the kicker…If any brewer in Colorado could be nicknamed “The Godfather of (Beer) Funk”, it would be Eric Salazar from New Belgium Brewery & he’ll be our featured speaker! He’ll discuss things New Belgium, things sour, & answer your questions. This is a free event & always will be!