Springing into 2012!!!

Spring is in the air at Hops and Heifers Farm, can YOU feel it? We CAN! Although it is the middle of winter, the sun has been shining, allowing us to get many projects completed to make 2012 one Fuh-Can good time down on the farm. All 2500 hop plants are nestled in their beds with a thick layer of our very own compost.

The three new Berkshire pigs are enjoying their new accommodations- you can tell they are happy because their tails are always curly! We built them an enclosure for those chilly nights full of fluffy straw and an insulated floor! They are also figuring out their own water tap system. Healthy pigs require lots of available fresh water, so we’re givin’ it to ‘em!

The Goats are chillin’ like villains, and have done a great job eating down the summer garden.

The Cows are all on new pasture filling their bellies with lots of grass and enjoying the warm mash breakfast served daily. The mama cows are all pregnant and will begin calving in early spring.

This year is going to be full of exciting events, please feel free to look us up at www.oskarblues.com. We are now on twitter @hopsandhefers, or via old school email, farmergeoff@oskarblues.com. Thank you for supporting craftAculture! Keep the brown side down!– Farmer Geoff