“Ska Brewery” Beer Dinner at HML&S

Lip-up Fatty Fatnaza  

oSKAr Beer Dinner

SOLD OUT!!!!!!!
December 14,  2010

Shake down   ::Secret Ska “carpet doesn’t match the drapes” Firkin-5:30 tapping –
+blood orange and red onion “carpaccio”
+reverse guacamole-tempura avocadoes and salsa
+house cured and smoked salmon with roasted beets
+my lardo fatnaza with sweet and sour balsamic onions




Sautéed Nantucket scallops, butternut squash risotto & sage brown butter


::Decadent Blonde

Fawn-doo Soup and Sandwich

grilled cheese sandwich with porcini mushroom, smoked prosciutto and gruyere cheese +creamy winter vegetable soup   



Slow braised baby back ribs with granny smith apples and caraway

+tasty kraut filled potato dumpling


::Double Blonde

Truffle butter poached fillet mignon & leeks

+parsnip whipped potatoes


::Dave and Steve’s Chocolate Brew

De Vries dark chocolate crostada with crunchy nibs and pistachios

+Chantilly cream

Call HML&S for Reservations 303-485 9400

Cost: $55 per person