Reinventing the Glass Bottle!

We’re reinventing the glass bottle! Read all about it below.

LONGMONT, Colo (April 1st, 2013)… – Oskar Blues announced today that for the first time they aim to turn craft beer on its ear by reinventing the glass bottle.

“As the debate of bottles vs. cans continues to heat up we had to look ourselves in the mirror and admit that drinking out of an open mouth pint glass is the best drinking experience for beer.  For years we’ve been telling our customers to pour Dale’s Pale Ale from the protective clutches of the can into a pint glass to fully enjoy the aroma of the beer.…. thus, the resealable 12 oz. “gap cap” bottle was born here at Oskar Blues.” says Oskar Blues.

“We get off on challenging ourselves and craft beer drinkers with voluminously hoppy beers, from Dale’s Pale Ale’s 65 I.B.U. to GUBNA’s 100+ I.B.U. Our limited studies show the unrestricted and amazingly large resealable “gap cap” will offer beer drinkers esophageal flavor burst (yes that sounds weird) induced by the wafting hop aromas gushing from the gargantuan gap of the new bottle.” says that Oskar Blues guy.  The wider top of the “gap cap” delivers beer and aroma exactly the same as if you are drinking out of a clear pint, glass extending the beer drinker’s experience.

The new ‘gap cap” package offering will not allow advantages of yesterday’s cans such as complete elimination of light, lesser levels of oxygen, infinite recyclability or portability, but it will allow beer drinkers the experience of fully enjoying the light struck beer by offering greater exposure to aroma and the pint glass drinking experience.


Happy April Fool’s Day y’all!