Q’s Boulder – Oskar Blues Beer Dinner

Here’s what a teaser of what Shawn will be serving for our upcoming Oskar Blues Beer Dinner:

Mamas Little Yella Pils will be the first pour of the night. Mamas is the newest addition to the OB lineup, but an instant classic.

Dales Pale Ale, the classic OB can, pours next. It’s voluminously hopped, perfect for a spicy blackened sea scallop.

Third, cedar plank Alaskan Salmon pairs with G’Night. The brew is an imperial red double IPA, velvety and hefty enough for the smoke of the cedar and the creamy texture of the fish.

Gubna is a massive IPA, and it’s citrus and spice match perfectly with a slow-braised Longs Farm pork belly.

The savory courses conclude with a beef tenderloin “patty melt” paired with “Rocky Mountain Mutha’s Milk”, Old Chub. It’s the classic pairing of scotch ale and a big sammy.

Creamy chocolatecoffeecaramel flavors of the TenFidy blend beautifully with stout mascarpone cheesecake with Colorado cherries.

A few reservations are available! Saturday, July 30th, 6:30pm. $50 per person, all inclusive.
Q’s Restaurant
2115 13th Street
Boulder, CO 80302