Pliny the Younger is journeying to Home Made Liquids & Solids!

It’s Pliny the Younger time again & this year, we’ve got it locked down! Rather than pouring on a first-come, first-serve basis (last year our keg was gone in 6 minutes & 53 seconds!), we’re selling tickets this year to guarantee the dedicated hop-head a taste of this rare beer. Since Russian River has asked us to pour the beer within the first 2 weeks of getting our kegs, we ain’t waiting. Write this down cause here are the deets:

We’ll host 2 tappings – one on Saturday, February 18th & another on Saturday, February 25th. Both will have 50 tickets available. Tickets are $12 & it’ll get you one 10 ounce pour. Here’s how to get ‘em:

1. Tickets will go on sale at 10 AM on the day of the tapping

2. Tickets are limited to 1 per person – sorry folks, can’t buy a bunch for your friends

3. We’ll begin pouring the Younger at 1 PM. Any ticket holder will be able to redeem his or her ticket for a beer between 1 PM & 6 PM. If you aren’t back by 6 PM to drink your Pliny the Younger, we’ll release your pour back to the general public

Please understand, we’re trying to be as fair as possible with our Pliny the Younger allocation. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to pre-sell any tickets or reserve any tickets ahead of time.

In addition to Pliny the Younger, we’ll have 42 of the country’s best craft beers on draft including the soon to be canned, GABF silver medal winner, Deviant Dale’s IPA alongside a grip of other Oskar Blues specialty, draft-only beers.

Please E-mail or call 303-485-9400 for questions. CHEERS!