Oskar Blues Joins Forces with Colorado Force Women’s Soccer Team

Oskar Blues Brewery supports many local organizations, the most recent comes in the form of local soccer. Oskar Blues has teamed up to sponsor the Fort Collins Pro-Am Women’s Colorado Force soccer team. Oskar Blues and the Colorado Force are excited about this partnership and the continued ability of the team to serve a leadership role within their local communities.

Colorado Force is the oldest sports franchise in Northern Colorado and celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the team in 2011. Post-college players that were looking for a way to continue to play competitive soccer after college founded the team in 1996. Colorado Force plays in the Western Conference of the USL W-League and plays teams in Colorado, Vancouver, British Columbia, Seattle and California during the regular season. They also host teams in the Women’s Professional Soccer league, such as the NY, NJ, Sky Blue and Washington Freedom teams for exhibition events.

As for the excitement of working with Oskar Blues, “It is always great to find people who see a value in what our team brings to the community. Oskar Blues has stepped forward and is lending a hand to assist us with our goals and dreams for the Colorado Force. As a small organization, we’re very encouraged to have the support and promotion that Oskar Blues is lending to lead us into a new era with our team,” said Amy Snider, managing partner and co-founder of the Colorado Force.

Oskar Blues is very excited about this partnership and what the Colorado Force does for the local community. The Colorado Force does a lot of youth outreach, from running 3v3 (small sided) soccer leagues and tournaments, to producing college showcase tournaments, which attract college coaches from all over the nation to the local community. The goal is to provide a place for the young girls of the area that love the game of soccer a place to play the game after their college careers have finished. Colorado Force also has a wonderful mascot, Lucky, who visits preschools and elementary schools alongside the Colorado Force players.

COLORADO FORCE – Sponsor a Player Program – The money that will be donated is helping the Colorado Force bring in and take care of players who are coming from out of town to play for the Force and have the mentality to bring a national championship to Fort Collins’s.  These players will be doing a great deal to help support the community and the youth players in and around the area while they are in town.  However, to come here – many will have to give up jobs and careers to come to a new place.  Obviously, every player wants to do it because of the opporunity to become a professional player in the future.  So, this is why we are asking for help.  We need to raise money for these players to be able to stay here, eat, and be 100% focused on winning. 
The part that is extremely exciting for the young players in the area is that they will get to watch these athletes, spend time with them and be a large part of this upcoming season.  The Force players will be doing special events and special interactions with the sponsor a player girls and show them the right mentality of how to be, act, and play like a professional. 
The Colorado Force started the recruiting process last month, and we need to be able to book flights in for these players, get them housing, and transportation immediately. 
We are asking for your support as we have a goal of reaching $30,000.  We are asking for the help by November 1st.  If you are sponsoring the full $1,000 – we are offering a payment plan of November 1st, December 1st, February 1st, and March 1st.  Four payment of $250.00. 

If you are interested in supporting the Colorado Force please contact Amy Snider at 970-484-4653  www.forcesoccer.com  We are working together to raise funds to continue to EVOLVE the local Northern Colorado FORCE franchise.