Mile High Sci-Fi

Free shows this Saturday @ 6:30 and 9:00. Taking donations for the Denver Film Society. The movie is a secret until the lights go down and we press play. This is a great chance to bring your friends to a show and see it for the first time.

Beer sales all go to DFS as well. We’re not making a dime on this show. Why? Because that’s just the kind of guys we are.

Details about how to get tickets can be found on our website We’re going to use a bigger theater that night so more can get in.

Last night we were watching Dances with…uh…I mean our secret movie and we had to keep pausing it because we were laughing so hard. No joke. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this show. This is the only time we will EVER show Ishta…uh…I mean this secret movie. No reruns ever. This is it. One time. And if you do your friends will rubbing it in that you missed Star Wa….um…uh…I mean this secret movie, and you will be really sad. It will ruin your life.

So we’ll see you Saturday for a FREE showing of Sleepless in….damnit….uh…a free showing of our SECRET MOVIE!!!


Ho Ho Ho,


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Mile High Sci-Fi

MHSF’s cool kick-ass sponsors: Dale’s Pale Ale, Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, The Onion, Comedy Works and The Denver Film Society