Mile High Sci-Fi – BIG

Hey Kids, It is that time of the month once again and this time it is a dandy. Yes, I just said “dandy” what of it?

This Friday and Saturday (June 24th and 25th) MHSF is proud to make fun of the Tom Hanks classic, Big (make your own penis joke). Shows are at 7 on Friday and 9:30 on Saturday and you can get advance tix at

Long before Tom Hanks started taking himself WAAAAY too seriously and decided that everything he touched was Oscar-worthy, he cut his hair really short on the sides, but left it long and curly on top, and filmed the notorious film “Big.” (Hey big-shot important film Actor Man, we’re not stupid. We all remember Bosom Buddies and Turner and Hooch so quit acting like you’re all that, you volleyball loving douche bag)

Big is about a little boy who wishes he was big, and his wish comes true and then his clothes don’t fit and his mom freaks on him and then he gets a job at a toy company and tap dances on a big piano at FAO Schwarz which made their stock jump ten dollars in opening week. Yes, it is adorable. Yes, we all loved it. Yes, it is one of your sacred childhood memories and yes, you are going to feel guilty as hell laughing your big butt off when we lampoon it this weekend. But your guilt will be instantly erased when you remind yourself that he was also partially responsible for the time you wasted watching Money Pit and You’ve Got Mail.

Karma is a bitch, Tommy boy.

And mark your calendars for July 29th and 30th for 9 to 5, starring Dolly Parton and her enormous bazookas. It is a business flick so the dress code will be Friday casual. That means NO JEANS. More to come.