Mile Hi Sci-Fi Halloween-o-Rama Palooza Fest!

Don’t miss the Mile Hi Sci-Fi annual Halloween-o-Rama Palooza Fest this Friday and Saturday night (Oct.27th & 28th). I could write my own blog post, but their email is awesome, so copy & paste it is- enjoy!

Essential info

1)  The movie is Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive starring Emilio Esteves and a bunch of ass-whooping Peterbilts

2)  Costume contest!  Both Nights!!!  Dress as a movie character, win $100 bucks, MHSF tickets and other prizes including Oskar Blues beer!  Last year first prize was a bottle of Stranahan’s whiskey but we are not doing that this year because a) last year some asshole stole both bottles; AND b) because Stranahan’s was purchased by the pencil dicks at Proximo Spirits who completely fucked up the whole company, drove out all the cool people like Jake Norris and Jason Lippa and dropped their sponsorship of MHSF because we didn’t fit into their precious little marketing strategy.  [INSERT JERKING OFF HAND MOTION HERE]  So fuck those fucking fuck-faced fuckers.

But I digress…

3)  EVERYONE wearing a costume gets free popcorn!!  Trick or Treat, baby!

4)  Harrison is single, horny and ready to settle down.  No joke, he held my baby the other night and looked at me and said, “Man, I really want one of these.”  And then the baby shit his diaper and he backed off a bit, but still.  He’s not looking for some cheap trick – he wants the real deal.  He wants to hold hands and watch Pretty in Pink.  Are you the one?

God he’s going to murder me for this.

See you this weekend, goblins!


Check out their website for more details: