March 2012 Oskar Blues Music Calendar & Podcast

Oskar Blues Brewery and live music have gone hand-in-hand since the early days in Lyons. Our original brew-pub, which Rolling Stone called our original brew-pub the hottest place to be on a Saturday night in Colorado, has presented the best national and local acts since 1997 and we’re bringin’ that energy to our newest stage in Longmont. Staying true to our music roots, Home Made Liquids & Solids plays host to local & national touring bands as well. We welcome everything from blues, rock, bluegrass and jam music to folk, Americana and trad-country. Check out our music calendar after listening to these podcasts for more information!
Home Made Liquids & Solids (Longmont) March Podcast & Music Line-Up
3/1- Kort McCumber
3/2- Eef & Blues
3/3- Yo Flako
3/4- Felonius Smith
3/4- Bluegrass Pick
3/5- Electric Blues Jam
3/8- Danny Shaffer
3/9- Kenny Perkins
3/10- Bunker Funken
3/11- Katie Glassman
3/11- Bluegrass Pick
3/12- Blues Jam
3/14- Songs from the Silo
3/15- David Booker
3/16- Jeff Brinkman
3/17- Indigent Row
3/18- Giddyup Kitty
3/18- Bluegrass Pick
3/19- Blues Jam
3/22- Joe Johnson
3/23- The Yawpers
3/24- Bonnie & the Clydes
3/25- Bret Mosley & the Guns
3/25-Bluegrass Pick
3/27- Blues Jam
3/28- Homegrown Singers & Songwriters Night
3/29- Johnny O
3/30- Dr. Robert
3/31- Quemando
Every Sunday Bluegrass pick 12-3pm
Every Monday electric blues jam 7:30pm
Every Thursday dinner music downstairs 5:30-8:30pm
Friday & Saturday shows are 8-11:30pm
Sunday shows are 6-9pm free all ages
Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (Lyons) February Podcast & Music Line-Up
3/2- Bonnie & the Clydes
3/3- The Jaspers
3/4- Benyaro
3/6- Bluegrass Pick
3/7- First Wednesday Club
3/9- Corn Yeti
3/10- ISE
3/11- Atomic Duo
3/11- Dave McIntyre
3/13- Bluegrass Pick
3/15- Orien’s Benefit
3/16- Blue Krewe
3/17- Kevin Dooley Band
3/18- Nu Mundo
3/20- Bluegrass Pick
3/21- Tribute Van & the Band
3/23- Missed the Boat
3/24- Mozingo Paradiso
3/25- Swing Chicks
3/27- Bluegrass Pick
3/30- Dikki Du & Krewe
3/31- Patti Fiasco Band
Every Tuesday bluegrass pick 8-11pm
Friday & Saturday shows are 8-11:30pm
Sunday shows are 6-9pm all ages & free