Mama’s Little Yella Pils 19.2oz Cans Ready for Summer!

Mama’s Little Yella Pils couldn’t let Dale’s Pale Ale have all the 19.2oz-fun! You may have started seeing these big yella pils on liquor store shelves, but if not, keep an eye out – they’ll be flooding the country this month, just in time for summer. We’ve always said Mama’s is like “Summer in a CAN!” and now you get even more of it.

We released our flagship Dale’s Pale Ale in 19.2oz stovepipe cans last October during the Great American Beer Festival. People loved it. They also asked, “What the fuh-CAN-eh is up with these large cans, Oskar Blues??”

19.2oz cans didn’t exist in America before last October. The can size comes from overseas – the “Imperial Pint.” We figured this can is perfect as a single-serve for those days when you just need a little more. They’re great for tailgating, pool-side parties, BBQ’s, and all the outdoor activities you can think of – biking, hiking, kayaking, fishing, camping, skiing, riding, snowshoeing, snow-angel-making… the list goes on. Not to mention at any kind of sporting event – look for them at stadiums around the country in our 31-states (and counting!).

Now, you can WOW! all your friends and enjoy both Dale’s Pale Ale and Mama’s Little Yella Pils 19.2oz stovepipe cans at all your favorite shindigs.

I’ve got 19.2oz of fun in my hand – what’s in yours??