Hops Heifers and HOGS!

Hops and Heifers introduces our new Berkshire Pork program! In an effort to continually utilize the Farm to increase the overall Oskar Blues sustainable system, we have integrated Berkshire pigs onto the Hops and Heifers farm. The Berkshire breed dates back over 300 years to the swine heard of Windsor. From royalty to emperors, Berkshire pork is prized for exceptional taste and tenderness. We worked with the only breeder in Colorado endorsed by the American Berkshire Association to source our pigs Zimmerman Pork in Hotchkiss Colorado. An 18 year Berkshire breeder and producer, Rick Zimmerman delivered three seven week old pigs to the Hops and Heifers Farm. The pigs will be hand raised with TLC, fed the finest grains, and fresh kitchen scraps of fruits, vegetables, and breads from the Oskar Blues restaurants. Look for Hops and Heifers Berkshire Pork available Spring 2012! As Jason Rogers Executive Chief of Oskar Blues and Top Chef of Northern Colorado quoted abut Berkshire Pork, “It’s unbelievably the best pork you can eat, and we want the very best!” .