GQ Magazine & CBS Early Show point to Dale’s Pale Ale “Top 50 Best Beers To Try Now”

GQ Magazine just featured Dale's Pale Ale in their article “I'd Tap That! 50 Beers to Try Right Now”.  

Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale – $9 (6-pack cans)
Packed with tons of citrus from a heavy dose of American hops, this is the quintessential stateside IPA. Like most pale ales, it's on the hoppier side-which means its slightly bitter and sour. You know hops when you taste em. However, it's not as hoppy as a IPA (Indian Pale Ale). And we really like the can, which makes it easily transportable, great to bring to a picnic or barbecue or the beach. Technically speaking, beer lasts longer in a can because no light is allowed in.


Check out the entire GQ article here via the web.
GQ magazine compiled the top 50 list and GQ editor Adam Rapaport brought his favorites for Harry Smith to try on CBS News The Early Show on Friday, April 23rd. Dales's Pale Ale had an extended stay in “the top 50 beers you should try before you die” segment as Adam discussed the Hoppiness of Dale's Pale Ale as well as th

e advantages of Canning quality craft beer. Watch the segment right here, right now.

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