Good Ol’ Boys Head to Sweet Home Alabama

As some of you may know, funky little Oskar Blues Grill & Brew started 15 years ago when Dale and his high school sweetheart (and now wife!) stumbled across the small town of Lyons, Colorado while on a road trip north from their home in Alabama.

Five years later, in 2002, Dale did something then unheard of, and stuffed his voluminously hoppy Dale’s Pale Ale in a CAN! Dale’s Rocky Mountain trip came full circle when we took Oskar Blues brews “back home” earlier this month to launch distribution in Alabama with Birmingham Beverage Company.

Continued growth over the last handful of years has given us the capacity to make Alabama our first official new market in several years, and we are STOKED! Chris Katechis – you may know him as ‘The Gubna” – headed South last week to kick off the Oskar Blues launch. I’m sure it’s not too big a stretch of the imagine to say that Chris was more than ecstatic to bring his bro’s brews down to the state where all of their shenanigans once took place.

And what better time to open up Alabama, where Dale brewed the first batch of his pale ale in a bathtub while attending Auburn University, as our Red, White & Blue cans of Dale’s Pale Ale look down the barrel of celebrating ten years this November??