Zac Shoemate


How long have you worked at Oskar Blues?
Since August, 2013

And what do you do here?

FNG Spreading the gospel of OB in the great state of Tennessee

How about when you're not working?

-Travel fiend
-Beer geek
-Bourbon lover
-Cocktail craver

Music. Who's your favorite band?
Queens of the Stone Age

How about your first bike?
Cheap BMX-style knock off, complete with foam wrapped crossbar and pedal brakes

Perhaps most importantly, what is your favorite Oskar Blues beer?
Dale's Pale Ale

Anything we forgot to ask?

I'm an Aquarius...and yes, I do enjoy bottles of highly allocated, rare bourbon as gifts

How can we learn more about you?
Instagram: @zaq305
Twitter: @OskarBluesTN