Carissa Stanz

North Carolina

How long have you worked at Oskar Blues?
December 2013

And what do you do here?

Tasty Weaselette

How about when you're not working?

hiking, camping, running, traveling, movie watching, photography, and sneeking beer cans into anything possible. which, in my world, every activity includes beer.

Music. Who's your favorite band?
The White Buffalo

How about your first bike?
it was pink with tassles and back peddle breaks. thank you Toys'R'Us.

Perhaps most importantly, what is your favorite Oskar Blues beer?
Deviant Dales

Anything we forgot to ask?

Oh so many things, but to begin, if I were in the MLB my up to bat song would be Led Zepplin's "When the Levee Breaks". . . and I really hate wearing socks.