Adam Stockton


How long have you worked at Oskar Blues?
3 months

And what do you do here?

Chain Sales - Western Region

How about when you're not working?

All sorts of amazing things. I Love playing basketball, biking, running, swimming, snowboarding (most INGs in general).

Music. Who's your favorite band?
Tough one. Not sure there is one, but I'm a big Public Enemy fan and I grew up listening to a lot of the Chili Peppers. My curveball is I listen to a lot of Ray LaMontagne right now.

How about your first bike?
That beauty was stolen when I was 6. I'm still pissed.

Perhaps most importantly, what is your favorite Oskar Blues beer?

Anything we forgot to ask?

height, weight, favorite color.......... I apologize for the pic. Best I could do on short notice.