EARTH DAY: Left Hand Brewing Beer Dinner at OB Home Made Liquids & Solids

April 22nd we will celebrate Earth Day with a Left Hand Brewing Company beer dinner at Oskar Blues Home Made Liquids & Solids.  The cost will be $55 per person.  This includes live music, live food, live beer.  Dinner starts at 6pm.  Please call HML&S at 303-485-9400  for reservations.

Here is a taste of the chef inspired, beer infused menu:

Shake Down

grapefruit and king crab

brown sugar bacon bites

kumo moto oysters with sweet jalapeno relish

tuscan style pate

smoked trout hand roll



spicy green curry and coconut broth with seared diver scallop, prince edward island mussels and fresh pink shrimp, crunchy toasted peanuts and radishes

Monkey IPA


slow cooked veal breast, sautéed morel mushrooms

fresh english peas, baby artichokes and spring onion cream


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smoked ancho and cherry rubbed elk loin, brown butter and sage spatzle

Fade To Black


+strawberry short cake

+rusty’s bubbly peanut brittle

+key lime cheese cake gelato

JU JU ginger

Oskar Blues is werkin’ with Eco Cycle (, a local environmental company to create a zero waste kitchen including composting & single stream recycling limiting our impact on mothu earth by 75% with an eye on 100%.  100% of our spent cooking oil is converted into Bio Diesel.

Cans are the most easily and frequently recycled beverage package in the world.  A recycled aluminum can generates 95% less pollution than one made from scratch and requires 96% less energy. One recycled can saves the energy equivalent of 6 ounces of gas or the electricity to power a guitar amplifier for two hours.