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Real Time Farms visits Hops and Heifers

Real time farms came came out this summer to visit Oskar Blues Hops and Heifers Farm to highlight what we are up to!  Real Time Farms helps people understand where their food comes from.  They keep people informed about local farms in your area, what products they grow and where you can find them.  We at […]

Two Heifers and A Weasel walk into a bar…

Hey Greetings from Hops and Heifers Farm!  A hUge thank you to all the great folks that visited the farm during the Oskar Blues ORDEAL last week. We really appreciate all the positive feedback and great questions!  We had over 150 people at the farm from all across the US.  As we get ready to […]

HGH : Home Grown Hops

Hop harvest for 2011 is behind us, and we were very pleased with the cone development and yield for the first year.  First year hops are  sometimes not harvested because of their inconsistency.  We hand selected the best cones and had them analyzed by two independent labs for Alpha and Beta acid content plus HSI (hop Storage Index).   This is […]

Hops and Heifers Beef Available NOW!

Available now for a limited time Hops and Heifers Beef!  Stop by the Oskar Blues Headquarters (1800 Pike Road Longmont, ColoRADo) and fill up your beef box for a super value, just $43 Bucks!  This All Natural Black Angus Beef grazed on grass out at  Hops and Heifers farm.   Since the grass is only around […]

Oskar Blues and Joel Salatin at the Lyons Farmette!

  Today marks the beginning of  Boulder Counties Eat Local Week.  Through September 4th celebrate the delights and benefits of eating locally grown and locally processed food.  Please do your part in supporting local family farms, farmers markets, restaurants, grocers and organizations that support them.   Oskar Blues and Hops and Heifers Farm is proud to sponsor the kick off the […]

Hops and Heifers Hop Bines take over Tasty Weasel

Wow – We had a blast on Friday enjoying the Fah-Cup (Farm to Cup) Ferkin.  I truly could not believe how great  the Gubna, Dales Blend tasted.   Fresh hopped 25 minutes after picking with Willamette, (an aroma hop, that is one of the most widely grown hops in the US) on Wednesday and served Friday.  It perfectly added a sweet fresh […]

Fresh hoped Hops and Heifers Fah-Cup ! (Farm to Cup)

Tonight at the weasel the first fresh hopped brew from the Hops and Heifers farm!  Com-on down and sip in some sweet goodness from our efforts over the last year.  We picked fresh Willamette Hops on Wednesday of this week and and Tim and I  had them in the beer about 25min after picking.  The first year plants have […]

Brewer In Chief Dave Chichura gives Hops and Heifers “Two Thumbs UP!”

Head Hop Head Dave Chichura Last week Oskar Blues’s very own Head Brewer Dave Chichura graced the Hops and Heifers farm with his presence to inspect the hops.  In preparation for our upcoming harvest Dave is planning some Yummie  in Your Tummie fresh hop specialty brews!  With The Great American Beer Festival rapidly approaching we at Hops and Heifers are gearing […]

Know Farms. Know Food!

Real Time Farms visits Hops and Heifers! Real Time Farms help people understand where your food comes from.  You can learn abut local farms all across the country and see where you can get their bounty at farmers markets, farms stands and restaurants.  Tune back in to see our article September 1st at    

Hops and Heifers Cows LOVE their new Grass

An important step in the system for healthy cows is fresh pasture.  Integrating a pasture rotation program, cows receive their nutrition and previously pastured grass gets a chance to grow back.  It is a cool experience to see the cows as they head out on a new pasture.  They first walk as a heard around the fence line happily chomping mouthfuls as […]

Hops and Heifers Hops!

The hop plants at Hops and heifers are thriving many over the top of the trellis wire.  It is amazing how fast these plants grow. Planted only about 9 weeks ago they are over 12 feet tall, that’s an average of 5.25 inches of growth per day!  We are now preparing for some outstanding fresh hopped beer, working with Dave, Tim […]