Brewery Expansion Update!

There’s a lot goin’ on here at Oskar Blues. If you’ve had the chance to stop by the brewery, you’ve seen it first hand. For those who haven’t, here’s a brewery update from Jim Weatherwax, our Plant Manager:

Just wanted to keep everybody up to date on current happenings here at 1800 Pike.

We have officially sent the old can system out of the building! Upslope has completed the loading of the equipment and we now have room for the new Bright Beer tanks and more fermentation! The drain for the south cellar is complete and we are waiting for the concrete to cure before we epoxy the new area. The Can line CIP system (clean in place – makes it easier to clean our heat exchanger and wort lines) and Hot Liquor systems have been moved and are back in full operation. We are on schedule for the two 400bbl tanks to arrive next Friday and they will be up and running with a target date of 4/10. We will prep for the May, June and July tanks before they all arrive so we can get the beer flowing thru them as soon as possible. Below is a picture of the area where the line was that will become south cellar and new brite beer tank area.

The new 20 meter filter is on a boat somewhere between Italy and Long Beach Harbor and will be in house in the coming weeks. This will be a great help to the cellar crew.

We have completed the search for brewhouse upgrades and will be ordering all parts and look to implement the last week of May. This will allow us to do 9 brews per day and includes automated water tempering, valve controls and consistent knockout speeds.

As for the Weasel, the first step is the cooler move Friday, then we can work to get the new draft system built while they build the new patio. Once that is done they will install the big doors and take the walls out. We will have a good idea of final time lines within the next week or 2.

We are still in planning stages for the future and will be sharing news as it becomes available.


And there you have it OB fans. The most recent information about what Oskar Blues is up to. Cheers!