April 1st or APRIL FOOLS: Oskar Blues to Bottle Flagship Dale’s Pale Ale

In anticipation of the summer camping & outdoor recreation season Oskar Blues Brewery has announced Memorial Day as the release date of bottled versions of their flagship Dale’s Pale Ale. “We believe adding a bottled version of DPA will open a new avenue to drive revenue and create incremental growth in the craft beer segment” says OB rock starlette Kimi Hendrix.  Although producing a

larger carbon footprint, Oskar Blues will purchase additional energy tax credits to even the score with mother-nature.  The glass bottle will provide Dale’s Pale Ale in the status-quo’s preferred beverage package. Look for 6-Packs of conveniently breakable & sun light accessible glass bottles of Dale’s Pale Ale in a bottle shop near you as Memorial Day’s outdoor activities approach.