2011 Lyons Outdoor Games

Originally known as the Lyons Whitewater Festival, the Lyons Outdoor Games, was created 10‐years ago as a fund-raising vehicle for the Lyons Department of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Events. The event has evolved from an excuse for paddling buddies from around the country to come together for a day of play in the famed Lyons Whitewater Park, into a world‐class celebration of mountain sports and music. In addition to a full compliment of kayaking, biking, fly fishing, chainsaw carving and even dog events, the 2011 Games will feature live music and numerous clinics and exhibitions put on by some of the world’s most elite professional athletes. Look for these as well as several exciting new events that are in the works for 2011. With such a myriad of activities, the 2011 Lyons Outdoor Games promises to be our best event yet!

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